University apologises to China for Dalai Lama honour
08 Jul 2008

London Metropolitan University has expressed ‘regret’ at offence caused to China by its recent award of an honorary doctorate to Tibetan religious leader the Dalai Lama in May.
A report on state-run China Daily said that the university’s vice-chancellor, Brian Roper, had sent a letter to China’s embassy in London on 16 June to apologise for any upset felt by the Chinese people over the award.
A spokeswoman for London Metropolitan said the move came after the university’s media monitoring service had noticed negative comment about the decision on Chinese websites.
However, a representative of the Chinese embassy in London confirmed to Index on Censorship that the letter of apology had come after the embassy had demanded it from the university.
Britain’s universities now hosts over 49,000 Chinese students.

One response to “University apologises to China for Dalai Lama honour”

  1. Veracity says:

    One wonders what this “School” teaches in their Ethics department.
    Perhaps it goes like this: “craven servility – butt kissing– realpolitik – ethics”.
    And that seem to be the extent of today’s morals, from politicians, officials on to the masses, no one is willing to take a stand and actually stand up for believes, morals or a just cause.
    This is a regime that has just massacred at least 200 Tibetans in an illegally occupied country, and with still thousands missing one wonders what the fate of the missing Tibetans are. Perhaps they’re fodder for this depraved regimes’ lucrative organ transplant program they’ve been running so successfully for the last many years.
    And yes, the world will go to Beijing schmoozing with the likes of Hu Jintao who is very well remembered in Tibet as the Butcher of Lhasa, an accomplished mass murderer in his own right.