Libel: BBC backs down on Trafigura report
17 Dec 2009

The BBC has today withdrawn claims made on flagship news programme Newsnight that oil-trading company Trafigura caused deaths in the Ivory Coast after toxic waste was dumped there. in a settlement designed to head off a potentially massively expensive libel case, the BBC will make a small donation to charity at Trafigura’s request.

While other sources, including the British government, claimed that Trafigura’s actions had caused deaths in Abidjan, the Ivory Coast’s largest city, Newsnight was unable to independently verify the claim.

Sources at the BBC say the corporation faced up to £3 million in legal costs if it defended the case against Trafigura.

Read BBC court statement here

5 responses to “Libel: BBC backs down on Trafigura report”

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  2. I dont blame the BBC for wanting to save 3 million quid, especially when the story is still all over the internet and the worldwide media.
    You can still see the Newsnight piece on Trafigura on this link

  3. don Phillips says:

    The BBC Management had a duty here, which they cravenly failed to recognise. Shame on them

  4. […] Index on Censorship are reporting that the BBC have settled with Trafigura in their libel case – that would explain the “disappearance” of the videos. Here’s the joint statement in court. Here’s Trafigura’s new page, and here’s Carter-Ruck’s. […]

  5. Do you remember when Paxman interviewed the Trafigura boss on Newsnight?
    Trafigura said that the 130 million dollars paid out to the Ivorian govenment and the 30,000 affected was a part of their corporate giving.
    And now Newsnight are forced to give to charity at the request of Trafigura.
    How do you sleep guys?