Threats against Iranian reporter Maziar Bahari
Index on Censorship condemns intimidation by Islamic Republic
20 Apr 10

Iranian journalist Maziar Bahari, the keynote speaker at this year’s Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Awards, has reportedly been subject to threats by Iranian officials

Bahair told Index that family members in Iran had received a call on Saturday (17 April) in which they were informed: “Tell Maziar that he shouldn’t think we don’t have access to him because he is not in Iran. The situation is getting dangerous now. Anything can happen without advance notice.”

Bahari was jailed last year in Iran while attempting to cover the disputed presidential elections. He was released on bail after 118 days, and has not returned to Iran since.

Index on Censorhip Associate Editor Rohan Jayasekera condemned the move by Iranian authorities: “This attempt to intimidate Bahari and his family demonstrates the Iranian regime’s contempt for free expression.”

Committee to Protect Journalists Executive Director Joel Simon criticised the threats: “The Iranian authorities continue to resort to harassment and violence to silence critical voices, as evidenced by this latest threat made against our colleague Maziar Bahari. We call on Tehran to abandon its intimidation tactics against critical journalists.”

Bahari, is a consultant for the Our Society Will Be A Free Society campaign calling for the release of imprisoned Iranian journalists and writers,

Watch Maziar Bahari’s interview with Al Jazeera’s Listening Post, recorded at the Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Awards