Bangladesh: Mahmudur Rahman torture claim
Lawyers for Bangladeshi editor Mahmadur Rahman claim he has been tortured in police custody
17 Jun 10

Lawyers for “Amar Desh” editor Mahmudur Rahman have released this statement below, claiming that the editor of the recently shut down Bangladeshi newspaper was tortured in police custody.

Nasir Uddin Ahemd & Associates.
Barrister & Advocates

Former Energy Adviser to Bangladesh Govt. and the acting Editor of ‘The Daily Amar Desh’, Mr. Mahmudur Rahman was tortured in police custody at Cantonment Police Station on 09.06.2010 although, was not supposed to be there since he was under control of Investigation Officer Mr. Rezaul Karim of Tejgaon Police Station. Mr. Rahman made this statement before the learned Metropolitan Magistrate Ms Shamima Pervin after being produced upon 3 days expiry of remand in connection with Tejgaon PS Case No. 2(6)10.

According to Mr. Rahman’s version, in a dark room, being blindfolded, he was attacked by some police personnel or other individuals at around 1.30 am, who unclothed him and started beating mercilessly. They did not quiz him in respect of the case for which remand was granted. Due to serious torture he became unconscious within half an hour. When woke up at around 4-30 am, he realized that he was somewhere else.

As a Counsel for Mr Rahman, I have submitted Lawyer’s certificate in respect of the Hon’ble Supreme Court’s order passed on 10.06.2010 with regard to Mr Rahman’s remand order issued earlier in all cases before the Court. As per the Order of the Supreme Court, the Magistrate was bound to send Mr Rahman before a medical board for examination of his health. However, without following the order of the superior court, the Magistrate sent Mr. Rahman to ail custody and asked the jail authority to provide him medical treatment if necessary. I have heard that Mr Rahman has already been taken to Uttara Police Station or to Detective Branch Office of Police at Minto Road on 4 days remand by an order of another Magistrate, which was completely beyond our knowledge and without informing us. If this is the case, then, the Magistrate and Investigating Officer committed an offence of contempt of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. In due course, we will file contempt petition against those who violated the Hon’ble Court’s Order.

Nasir Uddin Ahmed Ashim
Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh