Smashed Hits 2.0
03 Sep 2010

Press release – 2 September 2010

Daniel Barenboim, Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood, Femi Kuti, Will Self and Gilad Atzmon discuss music and censorship in the new issue of Index on Censorship ‘Smashed Hits 2.0’ – publication date 8 September. In association with Freemuse.

Launch: 21 September 630pm at the Free Word Centre 60 Farringdon Road London EC1R 3GA (gmap).
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For musicians, broadcasters, singers and their fans around the world, censorship is a fact of life – from legal threats against filesharers to restrictions on performing live. But some musicians and music lovers face more extreme conditions than others. In Iran, the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei recently declared that music was incompatible with the values of the Islamic Republic; in Tibet, musicians are imprisoned for singing resistance songs and in Turkey, Kurdish singers can face prosecution for making political statements. In its latest issue, Index publishes interviews and articles by leading music writers and musicians on the challenges to free expression – whether digital, legal or commercial.

***Daniel Barenboim on his stand against censorship

***Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood on how the net sets musicians free

***Will Self on banning the Sex Pistols

***Femi Kuti on confronting censors in Nigeria

***Gilad Atzmon on how jazz gave him a political education

PLUS Negar Shaghaghi (star of ‘No one knows about Persian Cats’) on defying convention in Iran; Cameroonian singer Lapiro de Mbanga gives exclusive interview from prison; Louise Gray on hate music; Kaya Genç on Kurdish blues; Peter Jenner, manager of The Clash and Pink Floyd, on censorship in the music business; Gilad Atzmon on an education in jazz; Khyam Allami, Malu Halasa, Simon Broughton and many more

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