Bahrain: Human rights activist missing
01 Jun 2011

Human rights activist, Nabeel Rajab, was summoned to a military court just hours before Bahrain was due to lift its emergency law. He is now missing. Rajab is president of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR). Bahrain’s state of emergency was lifted today, introduced almost three months ago, the emergency law coincided with the arrival of over 1, 000 Saudi troops who were called to crush largely peaceful Shiite protests.

2 responses to “Bahrain: Human rights activist missing”

  1. This is how the Bahrain government responds to the political protests- sending Saudi troops to stop them from their peaceful protests. Instead of getting to the root of the problem, they are just keeping their people’s mouth shut.

  2. Sam Ismaiel says:

    Can someone tell me why would there be a need to crush a peacful protest????? let alone requiring foriegn troops to do that???
    Is there any common sense whats-so-ever?
    Lies can be appealing but facts are alwasy there for those who applies common sense.