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Call for the immediate and unconditional release of Egyptian human rights defender Abdelrahman ‘Moka’ Tarek

alt informationIndex and nine other organisations call for Moka's release as he receives the 2021 Freedom of Expression Awards

Campaigning 2021

alt informationAbdelrahman Tarek is the winner in the 2021 Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Awards Campaigning category

Champions of free expression celebrated at Index on Censorship awards

alt informationWinners from Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, Niger and the UK named at ceremony

Why journalists need emergency safe havens

alt informationJournalists tell Index how a new type of visa is vital to protect lives and stop media censorship. Rachael Jolley reports

Spinning bomb: Fighting the disinformation war

alt informationNerma Jelacic argues revisionists are manipulating free speech defenders

Index on Censorship announces shortlist for 2021 Freedom of Expression Awards

alt informationImprisoned Egyptian human rights campaigner, Russian feminist performance artist, and persecuted Djiboutian journalists among the shortlisted candidates

Remembering Jo Cox five years on

alt informationWhy we need to heed the words from the maiden speech of the murdered MP more than ever

Letter from Palestine: “I am either dead or I am muted”

alt informationThe Palestinian author Abbad Yahya says he is unable to freely express his thoughts

“I’m not a fan of Alexei Sayle but he has a right to hold his views”

alt informationOur CEO Ruth Smeeth fundamentally disagrees with the efforts of British parliamentarian, Matthew Offord, to stop the broadcast of an episode of Desert Island Discs featuring the comedian

Stop holding Jews collectively responsible for the actions of Israel

alt informationClaims of a Zionist conspiracy are not protected speech but a racist attack on all Jews, writes former Index editor