40 years of Index on Censorship

The practice of freedom

Our special report looks back on Index's role in the history of the fight for free speech, from the oppression of the Cold War to censorship online.

Index on Censorship hits 40 with a special anniversary issue featuring its finest contributors. From celebrated Russian author Mikhail Bulgakov's diary to Chinese activist Chen Wei's online essay, the medium may have changed over four decades, but the message remains the same -- as do the methods for silencing writers, whistleblowers, artists and protesters. Index examines the challenges for free speech today, looks back at the watersheds since 1972 and asks leading activists, journalists and writers around the world for their manifestos for a more outspoken world.

Includes articles by: Aung San Suu Kyi; Ariel Dorfman; Chen Wei; Flemming Rose. From the archives: Salman Rushdie; Nadine Gordimer; Mikhail Bulgakov; Adam Michnik.

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