International Correspondents
29 Jun 2012
We are looking to recruit correspondents with excellent local contacts, expertise and language skills in Brazil, Turkey, South Africa, East AfricaIndia, Thailand (covering East Asia)

To widen our reach and impact both at home and abroad, in 2010 Index on Censorship launched a worldwide regional editors programme. Each year we have established new correspondents in different priority regions for freedom of expression, each one led by a regional expert with local contacts and language skills.

These part-time positions are offered on a 12-month basis, with the intention and possibility that editors will continue to contribute to Index at the end of this period.

Correspondents play an essential role in Index’s plans for website expansion. Their role is to contribute original copy to the Index website on freedom of expression in their country and some of the other countries in the region. This will support Index’s website – which is currently undergoing a redesign – in becoming one of the foremost portals for discussing free speech around the world, to develop original content and new audiences, break news, publish insightful analysis, interviews and opinion, and share ideas through social media. Editors may also be asked to contribute to Index’s quarterly award-winning magazine, suggest contributors and help to research / commission pieces.

As well as writing for the site we want correspondents to help connect us to a wider group of contributors and bloggers – advising us on emerging artists, musicians, free speech advocates, lawyers and writers directly engaging with censorship and other challenging political issues. Index correspondents will also communicate with Index colleagues based in London giving short updates on the wider political context and developments within which freedom of expression challenges sit.

Index correspondents must have excellent writing skills and proven writing experience  and be able to contribute blogposts and longer articles to Index’s website both at short notice, for breaking news, and through planned features and interviews. They will also be expected to submit original ideas for articles and features. Ideally correspondents should have multimedia skills and the ability to submit video / audio interviews for our site. Correspondents should also be adept at using social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc)

Applicants should also have proven expertise in writing about and/or commenting on freedom expression.

The experts will coordinate closely with Index’s web team, and also where relevant our advocacy team, under the direction of online editor Emily Butselaar.

Index correspondents will situate their writing and other work for Index mostly within our five overarching themes: free expression in the digital world; religion and culture; totalitarian and authoritarian regimes; the use of national security, public order and defamation as excuses for censorship in democracies; and access to free expression (eg issues of illiteracy or discrimination as they impact directly on free expression). They will work to a discrete programme of activities in each region, to enhance and extend Index on Censorship’s publishing activities, advocacy initiatives and arts programming, including a special focus on free expression in the world of literature.

In-country correspondents will also be expected to cover wider issues in the region in which they are based – for instance our Turkey correspondent will also need to look at issues in Iran and Syria.

If you are interested in applying for one of these positions please write to Emily Butselaar via jobs[at]

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  1. Azher Afzal Khan says:

    Career n Employment

    Applying for any post according to my work and qualification experience or similar or willing to undertake any role if training given as a change, challenging and to expand my skills as well as willing to travel and to relocate as well.

    Azher Afzal Khan
    37 Hopkins Street, Longsight, Manchester, UK; M12 4NY
    Tel: 0161-2252471 Mob: 0791-9682246
    I am an ambitious and a career-focused person who has gained excellent experience while working in the retail and public sectors, and the security industry. I have been working successfully for a good number of years as a paid or a voluntary worker, developing and polishing a host of different skills.
    Travelling; Meeting and communicating with people belonging to different cultural backgrounds; Helping out in my own community; Surfing the internet to expand my knowledge, especially on topics related to History.
    Islamic Relief Volunteer Assistant 2012
    · Customer Service,
    · Collecting and sorting different kinds of goods at the charity shop as well as loading
    · Recycling and also other general bags with goods in & unloading out of the van
    Northmoor Community Centre unITe Volunteer Jun 2011 – Present
    · Helping candidates in filling up application forms, and internet browsing.
    · Greeting, communicating with the customers to help to run the IT sessions.
    Alpha Security Security Officer + CCTV Operator Apr 2007- Present
    · Controlling and dealing with the public, its discipline, and its issues.
    · Customer service, looking after and patrolling the site.
    G4S PLC Oct 2007 – Jan 2011
    · Reception Officer, Car Parking Officer, Patrolling Officer
    · CCTV Operator
    Tesco Superstore PLC – General Store Assistant Aug 2005 – Jan 2007
    · Ordering, picking, stocking, shelving, stock maintenance and customer service
    · Full-time employment
    MCFC Football Club Events Steward Oct 2004 – Aug 2005
    · Controlling the crowd and property safety
    Argos Catalogue – General Store Assistant Sep 2004 – Jan 2005
    · Ordering, picking, stocking, shelving, stock maintenance and customer service
    All FM Community Radio Station 96.9FM (Voluntary work) Broadcaster Jan 2004 – Aug 2004
    · RJ, Announcer, Desktop Driver
    New Longsight Housing CO-OP, Board Member (Voluntary work) Jan 2004 – Aug 2004
    · Board Member, Customer Advisor, News Letter Publisher, Housing Maintainer; Also mail order management.
    Controlled Events Security Solutions Group, Security Officer + CCTV Operator Nov 1999 – Jul 2003
    · Controlling and dealing with the public, its discipline, and its issues.
    · Customer service, looking after and patrolling the site (re-employment from 12/03/2011 to present
    Royal Mail, Indoor Postman May 2001 – Jan 2003
    (Sorting Office), Stockport Mail Centre, Green Lane, Stockport, SK4 2HQ
    · Sorting parcels and mail manually: if registered, recorded or a special delivery, then operating them through their own special machinery, or scanning them using the computer system.
    · Full-time employment


    Alison Online International Management in Health & Safety Passed 2012
    Awarding Body OCN Course Interpretation Level 3 Passed 2011
    Alison Online Course Health &Safety Passed 2010
    International Learning Centre, Learn-direct Customer Service Skills, and Public Management Passed 2004
    GMOCN Course , Techniques and Maintenance; Sewing Textile; Fashion Design Passed 2003-2004
    Stockport College , RSA CLAIT Level 1 Passed 2000-2001
    Government Premier College, A Level Karachi, Pakistan Intermediate Of Commerce Passed 1993 – 1995
    Subjects: Islamic Studies, Urdu, English, Economics, Commercial Geography, Mathematics & Statistics, Accounting, and Principles of Commerce & Banking.
    · Proficient in the use of computers in general, including the use of internet and printing facilities.
    · Fluent English speaker and writer.
    · Fluent in Urdu and Punjabi (speaking/reading/writing) and intermediate Hindi speaker.
    NCFE Course Crowd and Safety Control and Management Passed 2011
    G4S Training Program First Aid Course Passed 2010
    EDI Course Security Industry Authority in CCTV operation Passed 2009
    NOCN Security Industry Authority in Door Supervision Passed 2007Course Systomatic Security (Formerly A1A Security),

    Deniz Ozkan
    Northmoor Community Centre; 95-97 Northmoor Road, Longsight, Manchester; Tel: 0161-2486823
    Samantha Smith
    Control Solutions Group; MUFC Football Club, Old Trafford, Manchester; Tel: 0161-8688181 or 0161-8688175
    Usma ( Manager)
    Islamic Relief, Stockport Road, Longsight, Greater Manchester, UK, Great Britain.