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Social media and free speech

The most senior prosecutor in England has issued guidelines on when criminal charges should be brought against people posting offensive or abusive comments on social media networks

The Libel Reform Campaign

In November 2009, after months of research and reporting on England’s anti-free speech libel laws, Index, in association with our partners, launched the Libel Reform Campaign. Months later, as Britain prepared for a general election, over 50,000 people had written to their MPs demanding that the defamation laws be changed. All the major parties made […]

Freedom for Belarus

Belarus is Europe’s last dictatorship. Its people have suffered under president Alexander Lukashenko since 1994. Opposition media and activists are silenced by the former Soviet republic’s KGB On 19 December 2010, thousands gathered to protest against rigged presidential elections. In response, Lukashenko’s forces staged a brutal crackdown, arresting dozens of political opponents and activists, including […]

“Porn filters” fail parents and children

Index welcomes the government’s rejection of a proposal for mandatory blocking of “internet filth”

Digital Frontiers

International in outlook, outspoken in comment, award-winning magazine Index on Censorship is the only publication dedicated to freedom of expression

Belarusians can’t protest to support jailed Nobel prize nominee, but you can

One year after heroic human rights activist Ales Bialiatski was arrested and jailed on politically-motivated charges, Index asks you to take action in solidarity

International Correspondents

We are looking to recruit correspondents with excellent local contacts, expertise and language skills in Brazil, Turkey, South Africa, East Africa, India, Thailand (covering East Asia) To widen our reach and impact both at home and abroad, in 2010 Index on Censorship launched a worldwide regional editors programme. Each year we have established new correspondents in different […]

Responding to the Queen’s speech #libelreform announcement

The government will introduce a law “to protect freedom of speech and reform the law of defamation”

We did it! Queen announces a defamation bill

Index is delighted to announce that thanks to our Libel Reform Campaign, the Queen has announced a defamation bill in the next parliament UPDATE: Read the Defamation Bill 2012-13

Index asks for more transparency about government’s core participant status in Leveson Inquiry

Index is one of four public benefit organisations which have today made an urgent application to the Leveson Inquiry regarding Government ministers' new status as 'core participants' in the Inquiry

Telco caught colluding with dictators

Nordic Telecom giant TeliaSonera forced to act after evidence that its data has been abused to target, harass and jail activists in Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Belarus