Index on Censorship condemns Bradley Manning sentence
21 Aug 13

Index on Censorship condemns the 35 year sentence given to whistleblower Bradley Manning. As Manning was not found guilty of the most serious crimes he had been charged with and made no personal gain from his actions, the court should have shown more leniency when determining his sentence. He has endured abysmal prison conditions.

Index on Censorship CEO Kirsty Hughes said:

“Sadly this sentence continues the mistreatment that Bradley Manning has experienced at the hands of the US government. Index strongly condemns the sentence and asks that this be reconsidered by the appropriate judicial authorities. Making an example of Manning in this way tells all whistleblowers that they will not be protected for exposing the worst abuses of power.”

The Manning sentence follows attempts by the US government to extradite whistleblower Edward Snowden, who recently revealed the extent of mass surveillance carried out by the UK and US governments. Index calls on the US government to respect the free speech rights of individuals who speak out in the public interest.