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Petitions, letters, and press releases from Index on Censorship

UN report cites serious human rights violations in Xinjiang but ultimately fails the Uyghurs

alt informationThe UN Human Rights Office report on China's activities in the region has finally been published after long delays and on the day the High Commissioner ends her term

Where poetry is labelled extremism

alt informationThe removal of the Rajapaksa clan will not solve Sri Lanka’s deeply ingrained problem with corruption and the repression of dissent

Shanghai lockdown shows how far Xi will go to control population

alt informationCriticism of China's Covid-Zero policy is being censored online

Keeping watch on China

alt informationAs British MPs are warned over a Chinese national seeking influence in the UK parliament, Index continues to shine a light on the CCP's activities globally

Index reiterates its support for Carole Cadwalladr as she faces SLAPP trial

alt informationWe join seventeen other organisations in supporting the award-winning journalist who is facing a week-long defamation trial in London this week

“I wrote a play then lost my home, my husband and my trust”

alt informationTurkish playwright Meltem Arikan’s Mi Minör was blamed for the seminal Gezi Park protests that convulsed Istanbul

Testament to the power of theatre as rebellion

alt informationThe Belarus Free Theatre, whose 16 members have now gone into exile to escape the Lukashenka regime, are preparing to perform at the Barbican in London in 2022

“We need more courageous writers in theatre,” says leading Turkish playwright

alt informationTwo Turkish writers discuss Index on Censorship's new magazine, which looks at how playwrights and directors are resisting oppression

Who is 2021’s Tyrant of the Year? WINNER ANNOUNCED

alt informationThe individual who has been voted the most oppressive in 2021 by Index readers has been named

Indigenous people have been silenced on the climate crisis

alt informationAs the world's eyes turned to Glasgow for COP26, it was those on the frontline whose voices were not being heard