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Petitions, letters, and press releases from Index on Censorship

Index shares its concerns about the Academic Freedom Bill

alt informationIn response to today's Queen's speech, Index, English PEN and Article 19 have written to the Education Secretary

Russia: Drop all charges against Yulia Tsvetkova

alt informationAward-winning artist faces six years in jail for her work promoting body positivity and women's rights

The Government’s policy paper on higher education: free speech and academic freedom

alt informationIndex on Censorship responds to seven specific policy proposals, including the appointment of a Free Speech and Academic Freedom Champion

Should we have to respect or just tolerate abhorrent views?

alt informationAcademics at one of our most learned institutions vote next week on what free speech means. Our CEO says respect should be earned

Why a naked feminist statue should remain uncensored

alt informationMaggi Hambling's A Sculpture for Mary Wollstonecraft has been roundly criticised, with some trying to censor its nakedness

Coney Barrett’s free speech stance still unclear as nomination goes to Senate

alt informationSupreme Court nominee's responses to questioning on key issues during confirmation hearings have not allayed fears

Heavy fines on social networks for not tackling online abuse may have unintended consequences

alt informationIndex CEO Ruth Smeeth discusses the proposed Online Harms Bill in a virtual session organised by the Board of Deputies after a rise in anti-Semitic attacks

Academic freedom in Hong Kong: “It’s a storm and no one wants to go outside, even with an umbrella”

alt informationAcademics are losing tenure and teachers are being fired as China's national security law bites

Cartoonists being silenced during Covid, report shows

alt informationCartoons make you laugh, wince and - increasingly in this pandemic - angry. We find out why

Governments using virus as cover to restrict newspapers

alt informationSeveral countries have banned publishers from producing and distributing print newspapers and magazines to stop the spread of the Covid virus despite a lack of scientific evidence

A gathering storm: the laws being used to silence the media

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150 attacks on media freedom reported in 50 days

alt informationIn the 50 days since Index started tracking incidents where journalists have been attacked or stopped from reporting on Covid-19, we have reported on more than 150 incidents