20 Nov: The cost of free information (BBC Radio 3)
Catch Index CEO Jodie Ginsberg speaking at BBC Radio 3's Free Thinking Festival 2014
12 Nov 14


In the 1980s, Stewart Brand declared that “information wants to be free”.  The phrase became a slogan for technology activists, who argued that tech can liberate information from expensive patents and help further the ever expanding limits of human knowledge. As a part of the BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking Festival, Rana Mitter tests the promises of the internet to spread ideas quickly and democratically. Catch up online with this event featuring:

  • Dr Rufus Pollock (Founding President of the Open Knowledge, an international non-profit organisation that promotes making data and information accessible)
  • Jodie Ginsberg (Chief Executive of Index on Censorship)

WHERE: BBC Radio 3
WHEN: Thursday 20 November 2014, 10:00pm (then on iPlayer)
TICKETS: Listen live here