Journalism 2015
05 Mar 2015

Journalism2015 Freedom of Expression Journalism Award-winner Rafael Marques de Morais has exposed government and industry corruption in Angola – speaking out for those whose human rights have been violated in his country.

A campaigning Angolan journalist and human rights activist, Marques has dedicated his life to investigating corruption in Angola’s government and industry, and documenting the repeated violation of his people’s human rights.

“I remain determined to continue the good fight for change… I have only the interests of my people at heart, and to experience all this persecution, it must mean you are doing something positive, something right.”

Angola: Index welcomes acquittal of Rafael Marques de Morais

Index on Censorship welcomes the decision to acquit Angolan journalist and winner of the 2015 Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Award for Journalism, Rafael Marques de Morais, along with Mariano Brás Lourenço, of defamation and slander

Charges against Angolan journalist Rafael Marques de Morais must be dropped

The Angolan government should immediately drop all charges against journalist and human rights activist Rafael Marques de Morais, winner of Index on Censorship’s Freedom of Expression Award and Fellowship in 2015.

Angola: Index condemns jailing of 17 activists for anti-government “rebellion”

Index is appalled at the sentencing of Angolan activists whose “crime” was taking part in a reading group discussing ideas of democracy.

Index Awards Fellowship: The day after winning, it’s right back to surviving

Almost a year on from the 2015 Index awards, we catch up with last year’s winners to draw some inspiration for the free speech battles ahead

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