12 June: #RealBaku2015: Free political prisoners in Azerbaijan
Editorial cartoon on the Baku European Games From Meydan TV (Image: Meydan TV)

Editorial cartoon on the Baku European Games From Meydan TV (Image: Meydan TV)

Join Index on Censorship, Sport for Rights, Amnesty International UK, Article 19 and Platform for a demonstration in London calling for an end to the human rights crackdown in Azerbaijan, and the release of the country’s jailed journalists and human rights defenders. This will be part of a series of parallel protests across Europe to mark the opening ceremony of the inaugural European Games. The games will be hosted in Baku, Azerbaijan from 12-28 June.

The demonstration will take place from 10 to 11 am in front of the Azerbaijani Embassy at 4 Kensington Court, London, W8 5DL. Some participants will be coming from an earlier protest, organised by Platform, in front of BP, a sponsor of the European Games.

For more information on the human rights situation in Azerbaijan in the run-up to the European Games, check out Sport for Rights’ Facebook page and Twitter feed.

When: Friday 12 June, 10-11 am
Where: Embassy of Azerbaijan, London (map)

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8 responses to “12 June: #RealBaku2015: Free political prisoners in Azerbaijan”

  1. Nigar Iskandarova says:

    Don’t mix political issues with sports.

  2. Rubaba Mammadova says:

    Another biased article about Azerbaijan. While you try to deceive readers with your false articles, Azerbaijan successfully continues its progress in every field.

  3. Rashid Mammadov says:

    To use political prisoner phrase for Azerbaijan does not go beyond fiction. You write what you want to believe and what you want others to be believed. As an Azerbaijani, we know the reality, please do not mislead people.

  4. İsmayil says:

    What is you relation between European Games and political prisoners?

  5. Postman says:

    Azerbaijan doesn’t host any kind of political event or summit so why do one need to protests the sport event which should unify people

  6. Ismayil Haciyev says:

    We don”t have political prisoners..

  7. Elshen says:

    Azerbaijan really deserved to spend these games. It is very sad that some people are trying to confuse politics with sport

  8. Nihad says:

    On the eve of Baku 2015 first European Games number of tourists coming Azerbaijan have been increased. They note their wonder and interest in Baku, in its historical places and friendly Azerbaijani people.