13 July: 800 years after the Magna Carta, do we have a free press?
Join the Society of Editors, London Press Club, Media Society, Women in Journalism and YouGov for the debate
01 Jun 15

The winter 2014 issue of Index on Censorship magazine, which featured a special report on the Magna Carta’s past and present influences

Join the Society of Editors, London Press Club, Media Society, Women in Journalism and YouGov for the debate “800 years after the Magna Carta: Do we have a free press?”

Guardian columnist and Media Show presenter Steve Hewlett will chair the panel of Keir Starmer, the former director of public prosecutions and CPS head turned Labour MP; Trevor Kavanagh, the longtime political editor of The Sun who is now the title’s associate editor; YouGov president and BBC election night expert Peter Kellner, and Jodie Ginsberg, Index on Censorship CEO and former Reuters UK bureau chief.  The results of a special YouGov poll will be revealed on the night at the debate.

When: Monday July 13, 6.45pm.

Where:  Grange Hotel St Paul’s

Tickets can be booked, via a donation to the Journalists’ Charity, here

By Jodie Ginsberg

Chief Executive of Index on Censorship Jodie Ginsberg joined Index on Censorship from the think-tank, Demos. A former London Bureau Chief for Reuters, Jodie worked for more than a decade as a foreign correspondent and business journalist. She was previously Head of Communications for Camfed, a non-profit organisation working in girls’ education. Contact: [email protected]