8 July: A 21st century Magna Carta (partner event)

Justice, Money, Power debate at the City of London Festival


The winter 2014 issue of Index on Censorship magazine, which featured a special report on the Magna Carta’s past and present influences

The City of London played an active role in the events that led to Magna Carta’s creation in 1215 and one of the few remaining copies resides in the City.

To mark the Magna Carta’s 800th anniversary the City of London Festival has invited suggestions from individuals and organisations throughout the UK as to what should be included in a 21st Century Magna Carta. Email your suggestions to [email protected]

Join a distinguished panel to consider and debate the public’s 21st Century recommendations.

Speakers include:

Justin Fisher (professor of political science & director, Magna Carta Institute)
John Cooper QC (barrister; columnist, The Times)
John Fitzpatrick (Kent Law Clinic)
Rachael Jolley (Editor, Index on Censorship magazine)

Chair: David Bowden (Institute of Ideas)


When: Wednesday July 8, 6.30pm
Where: Bishopsgate Institute, 230 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4QH
Tickets via City of London Festival website

Jodie Ginsberg

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