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Rebel Pepper, 2017 Freedom of Expression Arts Fellow

20 Apr 2017

Rebel Pepper, 2017 Freedom of Expression Arts FellowWang Liming, better known under the pseudonym Rebel Pepper, is one of China’s most notorious political cartoonists. For satirising Chinese Premier Xi Jinping and lampooning the ruling Communist Party, Rebel Pepper has been repeatedly persecuted. In 2014, he was forced to remain in Japan, where he was on holiday, after serious threats against him were posted on government-sanctioned forums. The Chinese state has since disconnected him from his fan base by repeatedly deleting his social media accounts, he alleges his conversations with friends and family are under state surveillance, and self-imposed exile has made him isolated, bringing significant financial struggles. Nonetheless, Rebel Pepper keeps drawing, ferociously criticising the Chinese regime.

笔名为“变态辣椒” 的王立铭是一位来自中国大陆的漫画家,以其反共讽刺性漫画而闻名。他因为讥讽习近平以及中国共产党而一而再再而三地受政府迫害。2014年5月,王立铭在旅游日本期间因在中国大陆官媒《人民网》受威胁儿被迫居留日本。中国大陆因想断绝王立铭与其粉丝的关系而删除他社交媒体的账号。他声称与亲戚朋友的交谈总是被监视。他也因为长期独自流亡国外而渐渐地与世隔绝, 陷入经济困境。然而,他并没有放弃以他讽刺性的漫画讥讽共产党。

“Since 2010, I have been adhering to the use of cartoons as a weapon against the Communist Party of China’s totalitarianism. The CPC’s blockade and crackdown on freedom of expression has never ceased. Their persecution against me has not stopped.” — Rebel Pepper

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