Net neutrality decision has huge implications for free expression online
19 Dec 2017

Last week the Federal Communications Commission of the United States voted to remove the current regulations on network neutrality. This means internet service providers (ISPs) would be permitted to limit, block or give preferential treatment to different kinds of internet traffic. This has huge implications for freedom of expression online.

“The decision means ISPs could now simply favour the sites whose political views they agree with, and put smaller players – without the money to buy better access – out of business. Internet users should be able to access the legal content they want – not have their choices dictated by the whim of major corporations,” said Index on Censorship chief executive Jodie Ginsberg.

It is vital that Americans lobby their members of Congress to press it to use the Congressional Review Act to undo the FCC’s decision and that the international community affirms its commitment to a fair and open internet.

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