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Exiled Turkish journalist Hamza Yalçın arrested in Spain

alt informationIndex on Censorship calls on Spanish authorities to allow Turkish-Swedish journalist Hamza Yalçın to return to Sweden.

Thailand must end judicial harassment of journalist Pravit Rojanaphruk

alt informationIndex on Censorship calls on Thai authorities to unconditionally drop charges against Pravit Rojanaphruk.

Israeli move to silence Al Jazeera a clear violation of press freedom

alt informationIndex on Censorship condemns the decision by the government of Israel to ban Al Jazeera from operating in the country.

Turkey must release French journalist Loup Bureau

alt informationIndex on Censorship urges Turkish authorities to immediately release French journalist Loup Bureau and drop all charges against him.

Bahrain: UK silence on Nabeel Rajab “appalling”

alt informationThe Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s silence on the sentencing of human rights figure Nabeel Rajab in Bahrain has been called “appalling” in a letter to the Foreign Secretary, signed by 13 rights groups & MPs on Sunday

Bahrain: Security agency summons online activist who exposed torture in plea to king

alt informationThe Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy and Index on Censorship condemn Yusuf Al-Jamri's torture, and the torture of all persons by Bahrain's NSA.

Index urges Russian government to halt deportation of Uzbek journalist

alt informationJournalist Khudoberdi Nurmatov, who works for independent Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, is set to be deported back to Uzbekistan, where it is feared he will be tortured.

Syria: Rights groups condemn execution of Bassel Khartabil

alt informationThe family of Bassel Khartabil, a Syrian-Palestinian software engineer and free speech activist, confirmed that he had been subjected to an extrajudicial execution in October 2015.

Honouring Bassel Khartabil, Syrian digital activist

alt informationIndex on Censorship mourns the death of 2013 Freedom of Expression Digital Activism Award-winning Bassel Khartabil, who had been held Syrian prisons since 2012.

Global Network Initiative addresses global delisting case

alt informationThe Global Network Initiative, of Index on Censorship is a participant, notes the decision by the French courts to refer the global internet search de-listing case to the Court of Justice of the European Union

Groups urge Ukraine to ensure thorough investigation in killing of journalist Pavel Sheremet

alt informationOn the first anniversary of the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet, Index on Censorship joined Article 19, Association of European Journalists, Committee to Protect Journalists, European Federation of Journalists, International Federation of Journalists, International Press Institute, International News Safety Institute and Reporters Sans Frontieres in urging the Ukrainian president to ensure an effective investigation of the crime.