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Media outlets excluded from UK Home Secretary’s trip to Rwanda

alt informationIndex raises second Council of Europe alert over exclusion of journalists seen as critical of Government's immigration policy

The UK Government must honour its pledge to resettle Afghans at-risk

alt informationThe number of Afghan journalists and media workers who are in imminent danger remains incredibly high, inside the country and beyond

UK Anti-SLAPP Coalition welcomes end of Realtid case

alt informationIndex and other coalition members continue to call for urgent action to be taken against SLAPPs after settlement of case against Swedish business publication

UK Anti-SLAPP Coalition reiterates its support for Carole Cadwalladr

alt informationIndex joins other members of the coalition in welcoming court’s dismissal of majority of appeal in legal action against journalist in Arron Banks case

Belarus: Free Andrei and Irina now

alt informationIndex on Censorship and ARTICLE 19 call for charges against human rights defenders to be dropped

US must drop charges against Julian Assange

alt informationA coalition of 21 freedom of press and human rights organisations including Index On Censorship has written a letter to the US Attorney General urging him to abandon the persecution of Julian Assange

Letter to Justice Secretary: Adoption of a UK Anti-SLAPP Law

alt informationEditors, journalists, lawyers and academics write to Dominic Raab to express support for the Model UK Anti-SLAPP Law launched by the UK Anti-SLAPP Coalition

Italy: a call in support of Roberto Saviano

alt informationThe Italian writer is facing a lawsuit for aggravated defamation initiated by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni

Coalition of journalism organisations slams the National Security Bill

alt informationIndex, RSF, the NUJ and openDemocracy say the overly broad and vague way the bill is currently drafted could see journalists labelled as spies

Anti-SLAPP measures cannot come fast enough

alt informationNew rules cannot come fast enough as Kazakhstan university endowment fund associated with former president issues legal proceedings against UK media outlets

The Online Safety Bill must be completely overhauled

alt informationIndex calls on the new Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport to ensure legislation does not damage rights to freedom of expression and privacy

Index supports The Shift News in freedom of information battle with the government of Malta

alt informationThe media outlet had requested details of dealings between government entities and Media Today co-owner Saviour Balzan