Podcast: Prague Spring to today
18 Dec 2017

The winter issue of Index on Censorship looks at the state of protest 50 years after 1968, the year the world took to the streets.

The podcast includes interviews with Pavel Theiner, who was 11 years old when the tanks rolled into Prague in 1968. Speaking on the state of protest today is Steven Borowiec, a journalist based in South Korea, whose article in the magazine looks at whether the current leader, who came to power on the back of protests, will protect this necessary right. And Sujatro Ghosh, an Indian photographer, discusses his innovative project to highlight the unfair treatment of women in the country.

Also on the podcast is an interview with Floyd Abrams, the lawyer who worked on the Pentagon Papers case. He discusses how the First Amendment has not been under this much attack since World War I.

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What price protest?

Through features, interviews and illustrations, the winter issue of Index on Censorship magazine looks at the state of protest today, 50 years after 1968, and exposes how it is currently under threat.

With: Ariel Dorfman, Anuradha Roy, Micah White, Richard Ratcliffe

What price protest?, the winter 2017 issue of Index on Censorship magazine.


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