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Censoring Roald Dahl is not the answer, just a problem

alt informationRewording Dahl's classics sets a worrying precedent. Instead of censoring his works we should invest in promoting new, diverse talent

Hong Kong’s travesty of a show trial begins

alt informationThe Hong Kong 47 are now on trial. There is nothing free or fair about this

We need to end SLAPPs now

alt informationThe UK’s legal structure continues to let oligarchs bully reporters

A new generation of protesters in China?

alt informationTrying to make sense of the protests in China right now is hard but one thing's certain - they hint at the existence of greater dissent than the CCP realised

What does Hu Jintao’s Great Hall removal mean?

alt informationA who, what, why on the dramatic moment China's last leader was removed from the Party Congress

How China’s limited human rights have collapsed under Xi Jinping

alt informationAs Xi Jinping likely starts an unprecedented third term in power next week, Jemimah Steinfeld reflects on the China he took over 10 years ago and what his tenure has meant for the nation’s freedoms

The woman exposing the propaganda puppet masters

alt informationEmma Briant researches the players behind some of the largest misinformation and disinformation campaigns today

China’s fifth most wanted democracy advocate looks back at Tiananmen

alt informationZhou Fengsuo was a student at the time of the Tiananmen Square protests. He tells Jemimah Steinfeld how peaceful times turned to horror

Shanghai lockdown shows how far Xi will go to control population

alt informationCriticism of China's Covid-Zero policy is being censored online

Hungary elections 2022: What does another Orban term mean for freedoms?

alt informationThe godfather of "illiberal democracy" - Viktor Orban - is fighting his fiercest election battle to date. What exactly is on the line when Hungarians head to the polls on Sunday?

Hong Kong’s National Security Law reaches the UK

alt informationHigh-profile activist Benedict Rogers, who lives in London, is being targeted using the draconian law in what is believed to be its first use outside Chinese territory