Survey: Online harassment of artists
29 Jan 2018

International Arts Rights Advisors, a collective of arts and human rights experts of which Index on Censorship’s Julia Farrington is an associate, is concerned that there is a chill on artistic expression as a result of artists being intimidated, trolled, harassed and bullied online in reaction to their artistic and expressive activities.

They are conducting a survey to help them understand the nature and scale of these threats, how they impact on artistic activity in the online space and what steps can be taken in response.

This is a “testing the water” survey, to get a sense of the scale, reach and nature of online harassment, rather than try to measure it in any scientific way.

The survey is anonymous.

IARA respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your anonymity. IARA is also collecting case studies, so if you’d like to tell them more about your experience, please write to them at: [email protected]

This survey will take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

One response to “Survey: Online harassment of artists”

  1. Ms. X says:

    Unfortunately, I cannot participate in this survey because your site will not allow me to take it using TOR Browser, even though I enable JavaScript. I value privacy, will not consent to being tracked online, which is why I use TOR and not other browsers.