The abuse of history quiz
Try our quiz looking at how history is manipulated through the ages
05 Apr 18
Abuse of history

Is your history being spun before it gets to you?


Cover for the spring 2018 issue 'The Abuse of History', focusing on governments and powers alike manipulating history across the globe.

The spring 2018 issue The Abuse of History focuses on governments and powers alike manipulating history across the globe.


In the spring 2018 issue of Index on Censorship magazine, we feature a special report on The Abuse of History, focusing on how governments and powers alike across the globe are manipulating history. See how brainy you are by taking our quiz, based on articles featured in the magazine.

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Which country recently called on Japan to pay more to support former comfort women (women forced into prostitution by the Japanese army)?
Wendy Doniger’s book The Hindus: An Alternative History, was recently withdrawn from circulation in India after pressure from the government because it was:
What year was the Kingdom of Yugoslavia formed?
In Turkey, where are people banned from talking about the expulsion and killing of Armenians that took place during World War I?
What year did the protests of Tiananmen Square occur?
Which Chinese emperor famously buried alive a group of Confucian scholars?
Which country has recently passed a “Holocaust law”?
Which one of Anthony Beevor’s books was recently banned in Ukraine?
Which country is reintroducing history into its syllabus after being taken off the curriculum in 1994?
In which Caribbean country is there a decapitated statue of Joséphine de Beauharnais (the first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte)?
Who had real free speech in the Tudor court?
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