Alex Jones, Infowars and the internet
08 Aug 2018

Index believes that all speech – eccentric, contentious, heretical, unwelcome, provocative and even bigoted – should be protected unless it directly incites violence.

Social media and tech companies — as private entities — have the right to set whatever terms they choose, but the patchwork, inconsistent and opaque terms of service approach to policing speech online leaves them open to political and societal pressures. We strongly encourage the adoption of terms of service policies that maintain the widest possible scope for free speech online.

This means we – as users – will have to tolerate the fraudulent, the offensive and the idiotic. The ability to express contrary points of view, to call out racism, to demand retraction and to highlight obvious hypocrisy depend on the ability to freely share information across the evenest possible playing field.

Any other course of action will – in the end – diminish everyone’s right to free expression.

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Index condemns attack on London bookshop

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3 responses to “Alex Jones, Infowars and the internet”

  1. Max Kennedy says:

    It’s illegal. It’s directly illegal to coordinate it under the Sherman antitrust act, illegal boycotting.

    FEC law has also been violated, business libel, and the user agreement itself – they are basically stealing everyone’s content – which everyone owns, by fraudulent agreements to give something in turn, then shadow-ban them in secret so they don’t know they’ve been cheated and keep giving. fraud for money reasons.

    They’ve also turned themselves from carriers of information and public forums overnight into publishers – and should have their protections and privileges under the former removed. In addition, they should delete *all* content that has been submitted to them under old terms made in bad faith, as user generated content isn’t free – like they are treated it, every user owns what he wrote on creation. It’s time they pay and played fair – that’s the root problem, not recognizing the posters own anything, nor that they have duty to them – despite it fundamentally being part of the law about who owns the posts, that nothing of value was given for them (user agreements you don’t keep, change on whim, and made in bad faith and cheat at do not count as *value*.

    I’d hit them with illegal boycotting under the sherman anti-trust act, bring most of the rest of this up in hearing and determination of fines, breakups, and repaying users, and try the fec violations separably.

    I’d also have the government retake it’s role as creator and maker of the internet, and simply make a rule if you discriminate as a carrier or public forum, you get kicked off. networks have certain rules for connecting, and this one was originated with the government. I’m tired if hearing “it’s their platform”, it’s our network – if you don’t like it — go build your own FROM THE GROUND UP.

  2. Dave says:

    Why the hell do you use facebook, twitter and google when they’re banning you

  3. Dave says:

    Why isnt donald trump doing anything about this? Surely its in his interest as info wars backs him fully.
    Uunless hes really part of the globalist agenda. Ultimately to kick in force a police state. Theres certainly a lot more demos and riots on the streets since he was elected

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