Black and Banned: Free Speech Punch Up

Anything goes in this debate about taboos and censorship.

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Is free speech a way to promote unheard and under-represented voices and perspectives, or is it a tool wielded by extremists and supremacists? Join activist, educator and filmmaker Toyin Agbetu, photographer and writer Courtney Hamilton, journalist Kiri Kankwhende, Buzzfeed News Editor Elizabeth Pears, activist and charity director Ethel Tambudzai, and filmmaker Dionne Walker as they present various positions in this lively discussion tackling taboos, censorship and some of the thorny, nuanced issues surrounding free speech, moderated by Kunle Olulode, director of Voice4Change. There will be a bar and the opportunity for all to join the discussion. Queensberry Rules apply!

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When: Thursday 06 September 2018 19:00
Where: Blue Room, BFI Southbank, Belvedere Road, South Bank London SE1 8XT (Directions)
Tickets: Free. Registration required via BFI

One response to “Black and Banned: Free Speech Punch Up”

  1. bill says:

    Free speech is what it says, free speech, end of, period, finito, that fact you are debating what free speech is clearly indicates you do not believe in it. It seems you believe free speech is a world were only your own extreme ideology is allowed to be heard unchallenged. That is the opposite of free speech.
    Yea so you of free speech is anti-white racism. Wow folk like Hitler would be proud of you. You are a disgrace to humanity.