Jodie Ginsberg: "When we treat words as weapons we ignore the fact that they have an immense power for good"
05 Nov 2018

Index on Censorship CEO Jodie Ginsberg appeared on the BBC’s Moral Maze on 3 November 2018 to discuss whether hateful views lead to physical violence.

“I would defend peoples’ right to express extreme views; I certainly wouldn’t defend their right to directly incite violence. What I am concerned about is this removal of agency, this idea that simply because we hear something extreme that we will go out and commit hateful and extremist acts. Given the amount of hateful extremist content that we see from all sides at the moment, I’m actually quite surprised that we’re not seeing more if there is such a direct link.”

New report and guide on free speech in UK universities published

A narrative of safety and risk is hampering freedom of speech on UK university campuses, a new Index report has found.

Index on Censorship begins accepting donations in digital currency

Index on Censorship, one of the world’s leading freedom of expression organisations, is to start taking donations in digital currency.

Jodie Ginsberg: “The only speech that ought to be restricted is speech that directly incites violence”

Laws targeting hate speech can be counterproductive, especially amid the rise of leaders who aren’t afraid to cause offence, Index on Censorship Jodie Ginsberg tells ABC News’

Jodie Ginsberg: “The idea that we can prevent future crimes by policing expression is a dangerous road to go down”

Crimes motivated by misandry — a contempt for men — ageism and prejudice against certain alternative cultures, such as goths or punks, may soon be added to hate crime legislation in England and Wales.

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