Jodie Ginsberg: "When we treat words as weapons we ignore the fact that they have an immense power for good"
05 Nov 2018

Index on Censorship CEO Jodie Ginsberg appeared on the BBC’s Moral Maze on 3 November 2018 to discuss whether hateful views lead to physical violence.

“I would defend peoples’ right to express extreme views; I certainly wouldn’t defend their right to directly incite violence. What I am concerned about is this removal of agency, this idea that simply because we hear something extreme that we will go out and commit hateful and extremist acts. Given the amount of hateful extremist content that we see from all sides at the moment, I’m actually quite surprised that we’re not seeing more if there is such a direct link.”

Forcing social media companies to act as law enforcers without due legal process undermines fundamental principles of democracy

Jodie Ginsberg comments on calls by politicians to ban Tommy Robinson from YouTube.

Jodie Ginsberg on Uganda trying to censor its musicians and filmmakers (The World Tonight, BBC World Service, 26 February 2019)

  Uganda’s government is proposing regulations that will affect all artists in the country. These include vetting new songs, videos and film scripts, prior to their release. Musicians, producers, promoters, filmmakers and all other artists will also have to register with the government and obtain a licence that can be revoked for a range of […]

Wider definition of harm can be manipulated to restrict media freedom

Index on Censorship welcomes a report by the House of Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport select committee into disinformation and fake news that calls for greater transparency on social media companies’ decision making processes, on who posts political advertising and on use of personal data.

UK must call for release of Rappler CEO Maria Ressa

Index on Censorship condemns the arrest of journalist and Rappler chief executive Maria Ressa by Philippines authorities and calls on the UK to make good on its promises to defend media freedom globally by calling for her release.

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