From A Turkish Prison To Tate Modern: The Story Of Zehra Doğan, The Kurdish Artist And Journalist Endorsed By Banksy And Ai Wei Wei (Run Riot, 7 May 2019)
07 May 2019

Zehra Doğan was released from prison on 24 February 2019. She was jailed over a painting she adapted from a Turkish army photograph where she depicted armored vehicles devouring civilians in her hometown, Nusaybin. She was denied access to painting materials while imprisoned and began making paint from fruit, spices, and blood, and used newspapers, letters and bed sheets as canvasses. She used feathers and her hair as paintbrushes. Zehra also taught other prisoners to paint and use alternative materials. Her situation was noticed by acclaimed artists: Banksy who painted a large mural for her in New York and Ai Wei Wei who sent her a letter in solidarity. Doğan recently won the Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Arts Award and is a Writer in Residence with English Pen. Read the article in full.

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