Cambridge Folk Festival: Spoken Folk

When: 2-4 August 2019
Where: Cherry Hinton Hall, Cambridge
Tickets: Available here from £148.50

Jade Cuttle (1)

Join Index on Censorship for a weekend of talks and performances in the Flower Garden at Cambridge Folk Festival (1-4 August 2019).


Fireside Folk Tales for Grown Ups |  Friday 2, Saturday 3, Sunday 4 | 9:00PM

As dusk falls and the witching hour approaches, join Index on Censorship and artists for some sordid, uncensored folk tales as you have never heard them before: grizzly, taboo-busting and downright disturbing.

What The Folk? |   Saturday 3 | 3:00 – 4:00 PM

What actually constitutes “folk” music? Where does hip-hop, rap, new folk and folk-fusion fit in? Join Index on Censorship with Dan Tsu, founder & director of Lyrix Organix, and Jade Cuttle, poet, musician and plant-whisperer, for an exploration of the just what the folk is “folk” music in the context of free expression and a rapidly changing UK scene.

Aimed at Young People (ages 15 +)

Women’s Panel |  Friday 2 | 17:30 – 18:30

Index on Censorship’s CEO Jodie Ginsberg joins Stevie Freeman, CEO of Americana UK, and professional “Strong Lady” Charmain Childs to discuss women and folk music.

When: 1-4 August 2019
Where: Cherry Hinton Hall, Cambridge
Tickets: Available here from £148.50

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