Vitality in the face of horror and sorrow (Buenos Aires Times)
20 Jul 19

When Andrew came to visit us in the past few years at the offices of Index on Censorship magazine, he was always full of jokes and stories. But he didn’t tend to tell us about the struggles of the past, unless we prompted him to do so.

Clearly his years at Index were incredibly important to him – Andrew had an extremely long history with us, working with us from the second issue – and he always wanted to stay in touch. So every summer, when he came over to the UK to see his family, he would pop in and say hello, and find out how we were all doing. Sometimes we would ask him if he would write for us again, and most often when we asked he would.

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By Rachael Jolley

Rachael Jolley is a former editor-in-chief of Index on Censorship magazine. Having started as a news reporter on a regional newspaper, she moved on to writing for magazines, newspapers and websites in the UK and internationally (including The Times, the Financial Times and The Guardian). She has been editorial director at think tank British Future, managing editor for monthly magazine Business Traveller, and editor of Business Traveller Middle East, as well as Head of Online for the Fabian Society. She writes regularly for the New Statesman and other publications and co-wrote the play Murdering The Truth (Greenwich Theatre).