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Words under fire: When libraries become targets

alt informationWhen those in power want to control access to history and ideas, libraries are often the first to be targeted, reports Rachael Jolley

Why journalists need emergency safe havens

alt informationJournalists tell Index how a new type of visa is vital to protect lives and stop media censorship. Rachael Jolley reports

Editor’s letter: All hail those who speak out

alt informationRachael Jolley introduces the autumn 2020 issue of Index on Censorship magazine, which looks at how and why our freedoms disappear and those who are willing to stand up for them

In emergencies we give away our essential freedoms lightly. Do we need to rethink?

alt informationAs governments look into contact tracing apps to identify and isolate people with coronavirus, Rachael Jolley discusses whether signing up to apps - and other actions we take online and off - make us complicit in giving away our freedoms

In the name of liberty…

alt informationEditor-in-chief Rachael Jolley argues in the winter 2019 issue of Index on Censorship magazine that a new generation of democratic leaders is actively eroding essential freedoms

Spain’s forceful crackdown on critics: it’s not new

alt informationSpain's crackdown on critics and protest has been building over the past few years. Rachael Jolley tracks the incidents.

Big Brother at the border

alt informationEditor-in-chief Rachael Jolley argues in the autumn 2019 issue of Index on Censorship magazine that travel restrictions and snooping into your social media at the frontier are new ways of suppressing ideas

Border police can’t be allowed to snoop on our social media (The Times)

alt informationRachael Jolley, Index on Censorship editor-in-chief writes in The Times Thunderer column. Border officials around the world are increasingly demanding access to our social media accounts and address books. They want to know what we’ve said on Twitter and Facebook and who we’re talking to. Read the full article.

Vitality in the face of horror and sorrow (Buenos Aires Times)

alt informationWhen Andrew came to visit us in the past few years at the offices of Index on Censorship magazine, he was always full of jokes and stories. But he didn’t tend to tell us about the struggles of the past, unless we prompted him to do so.

Law and the new world order

alt informationThe distance between national leaders and judges is narrowing around the world. The summer 2019 issue of @Index_Magazine looks at how the erosion of judicial independence is impacting freedom of expression

Majority of editors worry that local newspapers do not have the resources to hold the powerful to account in the way they did in the past, says new report

alt informationLocal news is essential to a free society. And that’s one reason why this issue looks at what happens when there are no local journalists to hold people to account.

What happens if local journalism no longer holds power to account?

alt informationWorrying about a local newspaper closing or reporters being centralised is not just nostalgia, it’s being concerned that our democratic watchdogs are going missing, says Rachael Jolley in the spring 2019 issue of Index on Censorship magazine