Decision to bar reporters from arms fair undermines UK government's commitment to media freedom
06 Sep 2019

Index on Censorship expresses concern over a decision to bar reporters from the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) trade fair at Excel London beginning 10 September.

“We are very concerned at the decision to refuse Ian Cobain and Solomon Hughes accreditation to next week’s DSEI arms fair. It is difficult to understand how and why the DSEI’s security team could have come to this decision and it raises serious questions about whether it was politically motivated, particularly given that it came hours after a UN report warned that the UK may have been complicit in Saudi war crimes in Yemen.

As a UK government-backed event, the DSEI’s decision undermines the government’s commitment to media freedom. Press freedom is essential to hold power to account and on the basis that we consider this a violation, we have filed an alert with the Council of Europe,” said Jessica Ní Mhainín, policy research and advocacy officer, Index on Censorship.

“If we discover that judges in the case about NewsOne TV Channel and 112 Ukraine TV channel were influenced by President’s Office – that’s very serious” (112 UA)

Nathan Gill MEP comments the situation with freedom of speech in Ukraine and the particular case of a meeting of the President prior to the Court of Appeal of Kyiv ruled decision against 112 Ukraine TV channel, which may bring to deprivation of their broadcasting license. Read the full article.

Ukraine is on a very low level of freedom of press (112 UA)

A well-known British organization Index on Censorship published its July report on Press freedom in Ukraine, in which stated on violations against some journalists and media. The report also mentioned the attack on 112 Ukraine TV channel. The Index on Censorship notes that “Channel 112 has come under pressure from nationalist groups since it was […]

Turkey urged to halt its assault on media freedom and civil society

Thirteen international organisations have submitted a statement to UN Human Rights Council calling on Turkey to halt is crackdown on the media.

Council of Europe’s new secretary-general must enhance efforts to protect press freedom

Twenty-two international organisations have written an open letter on freedom of expression to the new secretary-general of the Council of Europe.

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