Index calls for stronger action to protect media freedom
11 Sep 2019

Index on Censorship welcomes the discussion on media freedom that took place during the International Media Freedom Seminar, which was hosted by the British Group of the Interparliamentary Union (BGIPU) in London between 9-11 September.

The seminar consisted of 8 sessions and more than 30 speakers, including Index’s head of advocacy, Joy Hyvarinen.

Parliamentarians from thirteen countries heard from panellists about the rise in cross-border threats against journalists, about countering fake news, and about the need to develop and implement regional and national instruments, including action plans and platforms for the protection of journalism and safety of journalists (such as the Council of Europe platform).

“During the seminar, we repeatedly heard that respect for media freedom is a ‘barometer’ for the state of its democracy – and it is painfully clear that both are in a downward spiral worldwide,” said Jessica Ní Mhainín, policy research and advocacy officer. “As important as the seminar discussion has been, the urgent state of press freedom calls for action. The onus is on every one of us to act.”

English PEN and Index on Censorship condemn prison sentence for Filipino journalist Maria Ressa as a “dark day for media freedom everywhere”

Rappler CEO Maria Ressa has been given a sentence of up to six years in prison under a cyber libel law that didn’t exist when the article in question was published

Index urges President Trump to speak out forcefully for press freedom

We have joined with 71 other press freedom organisations to write to the President of the United States to call on him to condemn recent attacks on the media

Index welcomes news of Nabeel Rajab’s release but all charges must be dropped

Index welcomes release of Bahraini human rights activist Nabeel Rajab on Tuesday but all charges against him must also be dropped

Ending gag lawsuits in Europe

The problem: gag lawsuits against public interest defenders The EU must end gag lawsuits used to silence individuals and organisations that hold those in positions of power to account. Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP) are lawsuits brought forward by powerful actors (e.g. companies, public officials in their private capacity, high profile persons) to harass [...]

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