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15 Oct 2019

Chinese President Xi Jinping hunting for Winnie the Pooh, by Badiucao. The work is a reference to the blocking of memes mocking the Chinese president on Chinese social media sites.

Is the freedom the internet initially offered the arts to publish work and find audiences becoming more restrictive? Do artists feel free to express themselves through their work online, or is the fear of censure and online attack leading to self-censorship?

Index on Censorship and The Space are conducting a survey relating to artistic freedom of expression and the internet. We are interested in hearing from UK arts and cultural professionals to help us gauge current opinions and experiences in publishing creative content online.

This will help us shape our learning programmes and resources around this area and identify if there are trends or restrictions that you believe are impacting on the variety of work being published, shared and commented about online.

If you are a UK based artist or group of artists or work for a cultural, creative or heritage organisations that has published work online, we’d like to hear from you. The survey shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes and all of your responses are anonymous/anonymised.

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“I wrote a play then lost my home, my husband and my trust”

Turkish playwright Meltem Arikan’s Mi Minör was blamed for the seminal Gezi Park protests that convulsed Istanbul

Censorship is still in the script

In June 2015, a national newspaper in Britain started a campaign to have a play banned. This surprised me for two reasons. One: clearly no one had told the Daily Mirror about the Theatre Act 1968, which abolished the state’s censorship of the stage and did away with the quaintly repressive (if that’s not an [...]

Testament to the power of theatre as rebellion

The Belarus Free Theatre, whose 16 members have now gone into exile to escape the Lukashenka regime, are preparing to perform at the Barbican in London in 2022

“We need more courageous writers in theatre,” says leading Turkish playwright

Two Turkish writers discuss Index on Censorship’s new magazine, which looks at how playwrights and directors are resisting oppression

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