Podcast: The Big Noise with the Real Donald Drumpf, Leonardo Bianchi, Patricia Campos Mello and Viktoria Serdült
17 Dec 2019

Our Index on Censorship winter 2019 podcast features those who are living under the leadership of “macho” men and what exactly that means for their work and lives. Guests include Richard Hine aka @RealDonalDrumpf, who discusses what it is like running a Donald Trump parody account; news editor at Vice Italy Leonardo Bianchi talks about how Italian politician Matteo Salvini uses Trump-like tactics to silence the media and especially women journalists; also speaking of women journalist harassment is Brazilian reporter Patricia Campos Mello, who discusses working in the increasingly hostile environment under Bolsonaro; and finally Hungarian journalist Viktoria Serdült discusses the surprise election victory of an opposition candidate in Budapest, and Eurovision.

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