Legal threats to journalists: Call for contributions
17 Feb 2020

Index on Censorship is carrying out a year-long research project that seeks to identify the scale and nature of a current phenomenon – vexatious legal threats and actions against journalists in Europe.

Vexatious actions, which may include letters threatening libel and defamation, come from private parties (often corporations or wealthy individuals) with the intent to silence journalists and media outlets and prevent them from investigating or publishing their work.

As part of this project, we are asking journalists and media outlets from the EU, UK and Norway, who might be able to provide insight into how common this phenomenon is, to fill out a questionnaire, which can be downloaded and filled out securely here.

As well as interviewing journalists, the project includes roundtables and reports on the extent to which journalists’ work is impeded by vexatious actions.

Please return the questionnaire to [email protected]

One response to “Legal threats to journalists: Call for contributions”

  1. Bilal Ahmad Pandow says:

    How about a similar study at global level?

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