Listen to Index editor-in-chief on the future of local journalism
13 Mar 2020

Local news is rapidly disappearing and leaving crucial stories unreported, communities unrepresented and disconnected, a side-effect of digitalization and the ownership concentration in media markets, says Eurozine, a network of European cultural journals. But local and hyperlocal media play an important role in sustaining robust and resilient regimes of public service.

Index on Censorship’s Rachael Jolley joined a Eurozine podcast to discuss the issue with the network’s editor-in-chief Réka Kinga Papp and philosopher Miriam Rasch of the Institute of Network Cultures.

Jolley spoke about initiatives such as CG Net Swara in India and the La Voz de Galicia as well as the rise of Facebook Groups in hyperlocal journalism.

Listen to the full podcast

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