Index deputy editor on the decision by Hachette to drop Woody Allen memoir (TalkRadio)
Index on Censorship's Jemimah Steinfeld talks to TalkRadio's Matthew Wright about Woody Allen's controversial autobiography
09 Mar 20

Index on Censorship’s deputy editor Jemimah Steinfeld was on Matthew Wright’s show on TalkRadio on Monday 9 March 2020 talking about the decision by publisher Hachette Book Group to drop the Woody Allen memoir A Propos of Nothing. This followed a walkout by the company’s staff and complaints by Allen’s children.

Steinfeld said, “Once they commissioned [Allen] they shouldn’t be kowtowing to the mob because what is acceptable today is not acceptable tomorrow. It sets a really bad precedent.”

Listen to the full TalkRadio interview. Select the 13:30-14.00 slot and listen from 20:15 into the clip.