Digital Activism 2020
7amleh is the 2020 Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Awards Digital Activism Fellow
16 Apr 20

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=””][vc_column_text]The Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media, or 7amleh, is a non-profit organisation focused on protecting the human rights of Palestinians in the online space.

As Israel increases online monitoring, Palestinians are taking to social media to express disdain. 7amleh’s work protecting online safety and digital rights has been crucial. 

Through their work in capacity building, research, advocacy and campaigning, 7amleh works to ensure that policies and companies are complying with human rights and are working towards greater accountability.

Their campaign work with NGOs has seen huge numbers of participants. They’ve worked towards amendments in the Palestinian Authority’s Cybercrimes Law, the development of the first Arabic Digital Security Manual and digital training being implemeted into the Palestinian education system.


“Hello, my name is Nadim Nashif, Founder and Director of 7amleh, The Arab Centre for the Advancement of Social Media. Thank you Index on Censorship, for awarding us this year’s Digital Activism Award. 

Since our founding, 7amleh has been working to raise public awareness about Palestinian digital rights, locally and internationally. 7amleh works to advocate for the digital rights of Palestinians who are especially vulnerable due to the Israeli occupation and blockade, and digital discrimination from the tech companies. We also work on building digital security and advocacy capacities of activists and organisations.  

Major achievements include developing the first Arabic digital security manual and [gender] sensitive digital security curriculum. 

This award will motivate us to work more to advance digital rights and to achieve our vision of a safe, fair and free digital world.

Thank you again for this opportunity. Stay safe.”