Statement on the Maya Forstater judgement

The case before the Employment Appeal Tribunal was about protecting in law the right to hold certain beliefs

10 Jun 2021

In intervening in Maya Forstater’s tribunal, the focus was – as always – on the core principle of free expression and protecting free speech in law.

As has been made clear from the outset, this case was not about the right to be hateful and cruel. Rather, it was about protecting in law the right to hold certain beliefs. We are pleased that the Judge has recognised this and upheld the appeal.

Index on Censorship exists to ensure everyone’s right to free expression. But we know that the toxic nature of the current conversation on sex and gender is doing little to resolve the issues at its centre. The answer is not to shut down the conversation or attempt to silence those people who hold beliefs on any side of the argument.

Rather, we should seek to provide a platform and space for considered discussion and engagement – and that’s something Index on Censorship will continue to do following today’s decision.

2 responses to “Statement on the Maya Forstater judgement”

  1. Michael Collins says:

    Your statement – like your intervention in the case itself – is a textbook reminder of the need for freedom of belief and of expression. It’s only by discussing contentious issues that we can navigate a way forward; closing debate down only increases division. Well done.

  2. S England says:


    Finally, democracy and the rule of law will apply to women!

    Finally, reality!

    What a lot of pain and wasted money to get the courts to agree that democracy and the rule of law must apply to women and their rights.