Banned by Beijing: Is China Censoring Europe?
Rachel Long, Elif Shafak and Jacqueline Woodson explore what ‘freedom’ means in the culture of traditional publishing. Chaired by Urvashi Butalia and part of Banned Books Week
06 Jul 21

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Every time a European university pressures an academic to temper their criticism of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), every time a filmmaker opts to amend their film to avoid offending the Chinese authorities, and every time a Chinese citizen living in Europe self-censors in an effort to protect themselves or their families in China, the CCP is effectively censoring Europe.

This virtual event will explore the extent to which the CCP is exploiting its growing influence in order to erode freedom of expression in Europe, and will look at what needs to be done to protect our fundamental rights and our democracy.



Mareike Ohlberg, China analyst and co-author of Hidden Hand: How the Chinese Communist Party is Reshaping the World

Tom Tugendhat MP, Chairman of the UK’s Foreign Affairs Select Committee

Edward Lucas, journalist and editor of the China Influence Monitor

Trevor Phillips, chair of Index on Censorship (event chair)


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