Tyrant of the year 2022 named

You voted in your thousands and there was a clear winner, Mexico's Andrés Manuel López Obrador

13 Jan 2023
Andrés Manuel López Obrador of Mexico. Photo: Eneas De Troya, CC BY 2.0

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the announcement of the annual Tyrant of the Year competition winner. While competition was tough, one leader surged ahead, by a mile in fact. Our Tyrant of the Year for 2022 is Andrés Manuel López Obrador from Mexico. López Obrador presides over a country which has the dubious honour of being the country in which more journalists were killed last year than any other. It is also the country ranked as the most dangerous place to be an environmental defender, according to Global Witness. The number of kidnappings, assaults and arrests under his watch has been huge. Mexico’s climate of impunity makes it possible. López Obrador has also cosied up to the military and Donald Trump and lashed out at women, NGOs and the New York Times. Forbes called López Obrador “a human rights disaster”.

Index policy and campaigns officer Nik Williams, who nominated Obrador for the award, said, “The high number of votes for López Obrador is testament to the structural threats to free expression in Mexico that has made it the most dangerous place in the world for journalists, outside of a warzone. For the good of journalists, their families and colleagues, as well as the broader Mexican society, we hope Obrador takes the steps necessary to protect media freedom. Only then will this be the first and last time he is voted Tyrant of the Year.”

We covered Mexico a lot in the years under his predecessor, Enrique Peña Nieto. We noted with alarm the escalation of violence against journalists in particular. When López Obrador came to power in 2018, he did so with promises to pull the country out of a dastardly spiral of crime, corruption and inequality. People were cynical about these pledges at the time and it’s a shame to see their cynicism was correct. Mexico remains very much on the Index radar as a result and we will continue to cover the country in our magazine and online.

Read about all the shortlisted leaders here.

135 responses to “Tyrant of the year 2022 named”

  1. Marteens Cisneros says:

    Puedes decirnos quién vota? Número de personas que votaron? Y de dónde son las personas que votaron?
    Parece encuesta a modo pagada por el prianrd!

  2. Daniel says:

    Realicen bien su tarea y dejen de defender lo indefendible (los años de corrupcion y tratos con el narco) de gobiernos anteriores del PRI y el PAN. Si en Mexico en este momento hubiese CENSURA. Los grandes periodistas (Ciro, Alazraki, Loret, Lopez-Doriga y otros) no tuvieran espacios en radio ni television para hacer critica dura al actual gobierno, estos periodistas deberian de asistir a las conferencias del presidente y presentar pruebas de las noticias y articulos que escriben.
    Es claro que existe una gran division entre este grupo de periodistas (y sus patrocinadores) y la mayoria del pueblo. La señora Aristegui fue censurada por Felipe Calderon (Borolas) y ninguno de los antes mencionados comentaron de la dictadura de Borolas, ni que Mexico era una zona de guerra.

  3. Younous Manjoura says:

    Pure menticide. This may work for your brainwashed propagandized population in the Anglosphere but it doesn’t work anymore in the global south. I have nothing but contempt for you and you represent. Yours truly.

  4. Sandra Vizcaíno says:

    Totalmente de acuerdo.

  5. Albita says:

    I see you have received a lot of comments insulting you or trying to minimize or disqualify your work… Please allow me to introduce you López’s fan base!

    This is what they do, act aggressively against those who dare to question the false messiah. Attack and threat… Just like López does it every morning. Journalist, college graduates, doctors, architects, teachers, students, scientists, women, children, social fighters… no one escapes from his harassment and he has hordes of people at his service ready to attack whoever he points. Millions of poor naive ignorant mexicans with the lowest levels of education or professional training ready to attack furiously… He manipulate thousands of poor people just to get more power. He’s a very sick man and I’m glad many organizations around the world are exposing him as the tyrant he is. Thank you

  6. Luz María Ornelas Reyes says:

    Puesto ganado a pulso los que vivimos en México estamos cansados y decepcionados de él, fue una esperanza para michos pero su de su discurso hoy es de división a un pueblo que siempre fue solidarios, burlón y sarcástico divide a México en fifis y las personas buenas y pobres, reduciendo la dignidad, el trabajo y sobre todo la inteligencia de los Mexicanos a eso, oprimiendo a los pobres con seudobecas para que se acostumbren a medio vivir robando sus sueños de superación con despectivos adjetivos como “aspiracionistas y fifis” declarando la guerra a quienes no comulgamos con su politica”opositores” “están conmigo o contra mi”. Espero que este infierno termine efectivamente como el dice “ya no es como antes”, NO, ahora es peor, vivimos con miedo, impotencia, coraje y decepción. A todo esto se suma la corrupción magnificado, el despotismo y nepotismo, toda su familia enriqueciéndose a costa de los mexicanos, me faltará espacio para todo lo que estamos viviendo.

  7. J.R. says:

    You have lost all credibility. I consider Amlo the best president of Mexico !!!!

    Journalists are not killed by the government. Narcos kill journalists. Narcos were helped by old governments and they were very good friends with Loret de Mola. Do you have forget
    Florence Cassez ?

    Find the mistake!

    • Ar. says:

      J. R. you clearly ignore a lot of things about México.
      since this President took power the cartels took control of every corner of our country because no body prosecute them.
      in the past cartels did not operate openly now they do because this President instead of apply the law he want to hug and kiss the delinquents.
      your opinion is trash.

    • Blas Odoyagabeitia says:

      The obligation to protect the safety of all belongs to the State, headed by Lopez Obrador. The fanaticism of some who fall into the verbal trap of this incompetent president is incredible. A little more reflection and critical sense, for God’s sake.

  8. Raul Hernandez says:

    One of the worsts presidents that have ever come to power not only does he lies every day but he supports other tyrants around the world, his plan long term is to stay in power by making Mexico poorer, not my word but his words; during one of his speeches he said ‘if the poor people in Mexico becomes middle class they wont longer support him’. All of his reforms are making the Mexican government more authoritarian he’s becoming the monster he swore to destroy the old Mexican party the PRI, he accomplishes his goals by surrounding Mexico with propaganda everywhere on every corner of every street not to say many journalists had come to his tv show to ask for help because they have openly exposed the corruption in Mexico and only to get killed the next day.

  9. JP Thomas says:

    Who are THESE people running these extraordinary (sarcasm) articles and polls??.. Luckily the United Kingdom has a Parliamentary “Democracy” and they have changed Prime Minister like football subsitutes… I wonder if the Conservatory Party was nominated for all the REAL Authoritarian laws and practices they’ve passed in the last 13 years in power… This laughable piece of “information” and website is supported by Soros Open Society Foundations and the Globalist agenda… They’ve started to hit the Mexican government because they want the Lithium and Oil of the country. BE CAREFUL!!

    • Joe says:

      Doesn’t China, Rusia, Irán Cuba and all authoritarian and communist tyrants want the same thing. AMLO welcoming every narco dictator of South America. AMLO tyrant even send air force airplanes to take tyrants like Evo Morales out of Bolivia so he wasn’t incarcerated and protected that criminal narco dictator in Mexico allowing him to organize terrorist attacks to the government and civilians using the violent criminals and narcos just the same way AMLO uses them to kill Journalists who criticize him.

      AMLO did the same with Castillo from Peru, thanks God that Peruvian police caught Castillo before escaping and put him in jail. Only stupid people don’t see the obvious.

  10. Valerio Hernandez says:

    DE acuerdo con el nombramiento, es una persona non grata que navega con bandera de honradez y al final ataca a todo el que le diga sus verdades, y también usa a la gente más necesitada para aferrarse al poder, poder de riqueza.

  11. Deo says:

    Es el “Tirano” que hoy necesita México

  12. Joe Hernandez says:

    We know who you are guys,
    Your nomination is worthless,
    end of the history.

  13. Emmanuel Gutz says:

    Such a short sighted comment from Nik Williams. He has overseen the causes and repercussions of past governments that have lead to this present journalists and reporters crisis. Has he noted that only the famous and rich supposed Mexicans journalists and analysts are the ones that are never attacked or murdered? That Obrador s government have respected freedom of speech to the level that those who oppose him, dare to insult him and his peers everyday with no consequences as it happened to many in the past? It is really a shame for an organization as is index in censorship to politicize your supposedly human objectives. You should be more strict and vigilant on your comments and announcements.

    • Luis M says:

      Liers, this government has been one of the most clean about the journalist works.

      All the newspapers are against our government, because they don’t received money like the others presidents

      For the first time we are living in a true democracia, and that means all the power from and to the people. No corporations, no oligarchy.

      With the true we’ll be free

    • Sara says:

      Ay, pejezombi! Por supuesto! No hiciste le tira de comprensión y no conoces la fuente? Es estadística pura, incluso verifícalo por el INEGI.

    • Addyta says:

      Lol quien escribió este cometario en inglés? Eres tú Marcelo Ebrard lol? Y el ataque a Ciro Gómez Leyva que fue entonces? Usted escribió :“…Famous and Rich supposed Mexican Journalists are the ones who are never attacked or murdered”. Pues Ciro es “famous” y casi lo matan. Además, si va a escribir en inglés, por lo menos verifique el tiempo de sus verbos. Es “has respected” not “have respected”, y no, la verdad que el presidente no ha respetado la libertad de expresión. El presidente ha tratado y sigue tratando horrible a los periodistas, e incita a la violencia con su discurso de odio hacia “sus adversarios”. Ve moros con tranchete y mientras tanto, se cae a pedazos el metro de la Ciudad de México.

    • Hugo Nieto says:

      You do know that just last month on of these “famous and rich” journalists was attacked on his way home. Last December Ciro Gómez Leyva one of Obrador’s most vocal critics was attacked and saved by a bulletproof window provided by the news network. The fact that he exposes personal information and targets journalists for criticizing him is obvious to any observer, Mexican or from any other part of the world.

    • Victor says:

      Chairos are learning English, Jesus Christ


      Probably you have to find out where most of his secretaries and people from different levels inside the government came from. Yes, you’ll find out they all came from PRI , PAN and PRD. And that list, of course, includes president Lopez. So, everything is the same but with a different name. Sorry, I take it back, it the worst thing that has happened to México in the last 70 years.

  14. Valentín Vivían says:

    Me parece lo más acertado,lástima que ese evento no se llevó a cabo por Mexicanos,pero que mejor que se den a conocer estás noticias,para que los Mexicanos que si queremos a México también protestemos contra este dictador.

    • Diego says:

      Pues ni tan dictador es por que aquí están los derechairos opine y opine a lo pendejo y no pasa nada

    • Luis M says:

      Seguro eres una Paniaguada de las que están a favor de las marchas violentas y destructoras en el Metro, de las feminazis.

      Éste sexenio no ha matado a ningún periodista desde presidencia….ya se te olvidaron los asesinatos de Fecal y peña nieto, será por eso que está en la cárcel García Luna en NYC?

  15. jesus says:

    Possibly more drug lords will begin to fall, the Chapito was to warm up. It seems to me that it is time to get rid of the middlemen.
    The army controls customs, controls the new AIFA airport, and now it will have an airline. Mexicana is not going to generate profits transporting passengers, but it is going to generate a real fortune transporting drugs and dollars. There was always the doubt that the “lord of the skies” Amado Carrillo Fuentes had died; now we will have a RELOADED version of him.
    #ElReydelCash stole a fortune with the Mayan train, but that enterprise will no longer give more money, the very incompetent president will not finish the refinery in his six-year term, so he will not be able to steal the gasoline, but with his airport and his new airline he is going to win the lottery.
    The narco-president is going to make his rats win the election in 2024.

    • Letty says:

      You only like the past government because they were very corrupt for more than 70 years the PRIAN please have some shame Viva Mexico because the mayor it are with our President Viva MLO and Viva la 4 trasformation

    • J.R. says:

      You lost your credibility!!
      Mexico are improving with Amlo !!!

  16. Gabriela says:

    He is the worst criminal. Unbelievable stupid people still think he is honest.

  17. Federico Rioseco says:

    De acuerdo en nombrarlo el tirano de año

  18. Enrique Ledesma says:

    This is a typical way that occidental imperial “democrats” manipulate information to present leaders of the world that are not in line with the interest of US an GB as tragically autocratic.
    Lopez Obrador is a very popular democratically elect president of Mexico, that is completely irrational to acuse to block freedom of speech and press, in all the time that he is being in the presidency, never censored any media or person for expressing a point of view, you can not exhibit any one sample that he used censorship. He, routinely, respond to any information that is an obvious lie, but ne er do anything to block that information. So, as the majority of Mexicans, I consider this “price” as an insult to the true of the way tha López Obrador act in this matter. Shame on you.

    • mexican defender says:

      vaya a mentir a otro lado no es tan popular, tuvo que acarrear gente al zocalo, hay evidencia de sobra, y solo lo hizo para intentar desestimar una marcha de millones en su contra. y si fue elegido democraticamente por que hoy en dia ataca al mismo que le dio el gane el INE? solo por que quiere su control para poder poner a su gente como hace con todos los cargos.
      de hecho hasta abuso de su poder para revelar informacion privada protegida por la ley de reporteros como loret de mola, constantemente acusa a gente de corrupta difamando sin presentar pruebas etc.
      incluso se le tiene en video en un vagon falso del tren maya con pantallas.
      la mayoria de los mexicanos no voto por el, el pais tenia 130 millons de habitantes apenas obtuvo 30 y para su ultima consulta solo lo apoyaron 16.

    • C. Bustillo says:

      Wake up, Enrique! Do you still belive “La Mañanera” is an information event?

    • Sara says:

      El orden mundial se mide por el nivel de democracia y libertades públicas. Ciertamente llegó al poder democráticamente, por el voto de 30’000,000 del padrón electoral, en su mayoría, de baja escolaridad académica; como otros dictadores en otras latitudes, una vez en el poder, ha estado tratando de desaparecer los organismos Autónomos o poniendo al frente de ellos a su gente. Comenzó con la CNDH, dónde la titular hace honor a su apellido.

  19. Javier Mendoza says:

    A F***ing insane old man whose has damaged institutions and behaves as a dictator. Deserves to be @ jail ASAP

    • Letty says:

      You only like the past government because they were very corrupt for more than 70 years the PRIAN please have some shame Viva Mexico because the mayor it are with our President Viva MLO and Viva la 4 trasformation

    • Pablo Velasco says:

      DICTADOR.- Soberano que recibe o se arroga el derecho de gobernar con poderes absolutos y sin someterse a ninguna ley.
      …paso la Reforma Energetica?
      …paso la Reforma Electoral?
      …mejor no veas telenovelas, ve noticieros…mejor todavía: abre un diccionario o ve a la escuela para que aprendas un poco de historia universal y te enteres y aprendas realmente que es un dictador…con todo respeto

  20. Paty says:

    De cuántos votos están hablando? No veo la cantidad

  21. Isauro says:

    México es el mismo desde el año 2000 a la fecha nada a cambiado! Si acaso a mejorado con la actual administración. Infórmense.

  22. Gerardo says:

    Completamente de acuerdo

  23. Ximena says:

    Thank you!! Thank you for making Mexican wannabe king tyrant of the year! Our country is bleeding and he chooses to ignore and blatantly laugh about the daily masacres! And is all on camera

  24. Alejandro Castellanos Salazar says:

    El peor presidente y tirano en la historia de México

  25. No pongo en duda los méritos indiscutibles del ganador de la presea. pero para poder apreciar la escala de valores y el criterio seguido por los jueces, sería útil conocer quienes fueron sus más cercanos competidores.
    ¿Le ganó a Zelenski quien en mayo de 2022 ordenó la quema de libros rusos, prohibió hablar el ruso a sus connacionales, prohibió la iglesia ortodoxa y hasta ejecutar el Lago de los cisnes?

    • Letty says:

      You only like the past government because they were very corrupt for more than 70 years the PRIAN please have some shame Viva Mexico because the mayor it are with our President Viva MLO and Viva la 4 trasformation


      Probably you have to find out where most of his secretaries and people from different levels inside the government came from. Yes, you’ll find out they all came from PRI , PAN and PRD. And that list, of course, includes president Lopez. So, everything is the same but with a different name. Sorry, I take it back, it the worst thing that has happened to Mexico in the last 70 years.


    Sadly most people in Mexico & the USA do little or nothing to stop this evil man. Apathy is what kills good countries and that is what is happening. I ask myself where will this end? As we live like the ostrich.

    • John Clark says:

      ha ha ha stop him from doing what??? fighting corruption from PRIAN and all the people sucking/stealing the money of the government?? … what is evil about him?? to help build roads, to improve schools, to build markets, to build trains, to build an airport, to give old people a small bursary every two months, to support young people… It is people like you who are the real threat to Mexico..

  27. Carlos Acosta says:

    this is a big lie, he is loved by so much people, the periodists who said that are actually behind all the slaughter of the real ones. besides this article looks innacurate and fake.

    • Alicia Gutierrez says:

      The reason why there are many people who are with him is because he distributes money in exchange for buying votes. People in a situation of extreme poverty and ignorant, are obviously with him. They don’t realize that instead of economic handouts they should create jobs and give work.

  28. J. Rod says:

    Do you know how most of them have been killed?
    Do you know they’ve been killed by the same people and organizations AMLO is fighting against?

    Do your research first.

  29. JUAN MELIN says:

    That man is the worst and most corrupt thief governant that has have our country in its whole history. There is the risk that he tries to keep on power directly or through a puppet sucessor. Numbers speak for themselves.

  30. José González says:

    Thank you for being a great information for our People.

  31. Emilio orozco says:

    Pueden venir a México a la conferencia diaria del presidente y entregarle su premio, cualquiera puede acreditarse y entrar a ellas a preguntar y exponer lo que le de su gana. La violencia contra periodistas en México no se origina desde el gobierno federal, esta documentado que la mayoria de los casos tienen que ver con gobiernos locales y empresarios corruptos

  32. XYZ says:

    Mexico is withou a doubt a dangerous country for journalism and any kind of opposition.

    Still… this president was elected democratically and he’s the first one not directly linked to neo-liberal extreme-right agendas. I feel like the votes taken here where mainly given by white privileged people that never even cared about opression until it served for their “anti-left” propaganda.

  33. X says:

    Mexico is withou a doubt a dangerous country for journalism and any kind of opposition.

    Still… this president was elected democratically and he’s the first one not directly linked to neo-liberal extreme-right agendas. I feel like the votes taken here where mainly given by white privileged people that never even cared about opression until it served for their “anti-left” propaganda.

  34. angel says:

    logro lo imposible lopez.

  35. Jose moya says:

    López Obrador is not only the biggest tyrant of the year, but also the biggest lier, the most hated person, and a huge inneficient man. An absolut disaster for Mexico. He knows nothing about economy, production, labor, laws, etc. he is an absolute fool, ignorant but he thinks he is an smart guy, the most dangerous kind of president!!

    • JA-JA-JA… Ahora resulta que con tantas obras que ha hecho nuestro GRAN PRESIDENTE AMLO como 145 universidades publicas de nombre Benito Juárez, las Carreteras de Oaxaca, las Presas del Zapotillo y la de Coahuila, los 10 millones de becas a estudiantes de escasos recurso y los 11 millones de apoyos a Adultos Mayores, las 2 Refinerías para ser autosuficientes en gasolinas y Diesel, el aeropuerto Felipe Ángeles, el aeropuerto de Tulum Felipe Carrillo Puerto, el Istmo de Tehuantepec que traerá cerca de 200 empresas extranjeras para dar trabajo a los mexicanos, y el Tren Maya que atraerá turismo a 5 estados, el Tren Sub-urbano de Guadalajara, el Tren México-Toluca, el proyecto ecológico de SONORA que instalará 1 MILLON de paneles solares … que será el Parque Solar mas Grande de Latinoamérica y un largo etc, etc, etc… seguiremos transformando a México a pesar de ustedes… Saludos…

    • Carlo Anaya says:

      ha ha ha…. he knows nothing about Economy!!! ha ha ha give me a break!!… The Mexican Peso is stronger than in 2019, only two other currencies in the world have appreciated in value against the US dollar… Record foreign direct investment in the country… Commendend by FMI for the fiscal discipline of the government… Should I continue??… These people believe all the globalist BS pushed by foreign interests that only want to control the extensive resources of the country…

  36. Angélica Torres Z. says:

    Desgraciadamente estoy de acuerdo con uds. en todo. Nuestro México está con este presidente y su séquito en un retroceso total.

  37. Miguel says:


  38. Martha Perez Zamora says:

    This is only really. 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  39. Felipe Cuellar Avalos says:

    Well deserved. He protects his close friends and dictators of Latinoamerica as Evo Morales and Castillo’s family. All members of that destructive club named “Foro de São Paulo”. Please, we need help in Latinoamerica.

  40. Maria Jose Hernández says:

    Salud, educación, seguridad, etc todo pésimo, pobre mi México 😿😿

    • Luis Mondragon says:

      Si claro, porque antes del 2019 todo era de primer mundo en Mexico, porque no habia corrupcion del PRIAN…

  41. Adelo Patarraya says:

    Es injusto, López Obrador está haciendo un esfuerzo titánico contra la corrupción, la violencia y la marginación social.
    El sustituir la policía por el ejército tiene la explicación de que la primera está corrompida hasta el tuétano.
    En México sólo queda una institución que no está corrompida, es el ejército.
    En la detención del capo de Sinaloa se ha visto claro!

    • Marcela Hernandez says:

      No, estás equivocado! El ejército es instrumental en el plan para controlar el pais! Estoy segura que su plan es darles el poder y utilizarlos para mantener el control del sistema! La cuarta transformación es su plan para convertir México en otro Venezuela! Abran los ojos y vean los pasos que ha tomado!!

  42. Monica says:

    Mi presidente da pena , no tiene la facultad de ser presidente, no tiene Monday. Es cínico, es rencoroso. Por Mexico no ha hecho nada solo seguir saqueándolo fuera amlo .

  43. Mexican journalists have suffered censorship, exile, criminalization and jail. Two colleagues, one with refuge in the US after being raped and tortured for revealing the corruption of the national electric power company, and another journalist in prison for revealing the corruption and drug trafficking of the now Mexican ambassador to Canada, Carlos Joaquin.

    Thank you for this campaign.

    Guadalupe Lizarraga, journalist

  44. RGonzalez S says:

    The correct reference to the president of Mexico is: LOPEZ Obrador. Doing so will give your reports more credibility.

  45. Totally agree!!! @LoorzObrador is the worst sh that could happen to Mexico.

  46. Leonardo R says:

    How can a president who deals with promoting employment, eliminating corruption, and helping the poor be a tyrant just because of the attacks on journalists?
    The corruption that prevails in Mexico was generated in past administrations where there was journalistic censorship. when shock groups were used to control the population, and where the media sold their opinions also to control the people.
    Obrador has been promulgated in favor of social networks and their reach to disseminate information even if it is biased or false
    Corruption and murders of journalists curiously occur in states governed by the PRI and PAN parties. states certainly indebted and with high rates of drug trafficking.
    do not be fooled.

    • Marcela Hernandez says:

      Because he also visited Chapo’s mom and is trying to get him back to Mexico!
      Journalists are trying to expose corruption and he uses his mañaneras to distract and confuse the people! Giving money to the poor and old is a sure way to buy their loyalty! He is not holding the guns, but he is not stopping the groups that are threatening the journalists!

  47. Andres says:

    Mexico will never be a 1st world country unless the narcos disappear along with the corrupt politicians.

  48. Belinda says:

    Sad but true… 🥺

  49. Marco Chale says:

    And this is short. He’s the most corrupted, expending our taxes in unuseful projects, embracing the Criminal organizations, and more

    • Tomas says:

      Yes, bring back the REAL CORRUPT presidents like Pena Nieto, Calderon, Fox, Salinas.. They reallly know how to steal the money of the people and give nothing back… Every single word you wrote is BS…

  50. Becka V says:

    As a Mexican, I also have to add that besides what you’ve pointed out, there are other facts like the criminally negligent Policy deployed during the pandemic, the always increasing femicides, drug trafficking, among others. López Obrador does not rule for all mexican people but for his followers (who are less each day) and accomplices (who want to continue this massacre after he is done).

  51. Sergio De los Rios says:

    For sure, he will be nominated again and will hold the title this year. His tyranny is only escalating harder every day.

  52. Alejandra says:

    Absolutly Worst President in mexico’s history!

  53. Enrique Carriedo R says:

    Totalmente de acuerdo, es el peor Presidente que haya tenido México

  54. Que terrible pensar que nuestro país se encuentre bajo la tiranía de un TIRANO ELEGIDO ,,PENSANDO EN EL BIE NON ,.

  55. Esta jieme ra says:

    Otro organismo al servicio de los oligarcas mundiales que quieren (estos sí en verdad) dictar las pautas a seguir en el mundo para beneficio de las grandes potencias económicas, sometiendo a la naciones pobres de recursos y de tecnologías propias.

  56. Raúl Melo says:

    Good job!!!
    López Obrador is crash, period.

  57. I’m from México, I hate this man and the only thing I want is the time goes fast and he left the country. He would like to stay and became a dictador and he is the worst president in the history of México. He is a bad human being and he is sick of power. We want to be free of him.

    • Carlos Bell says:

      It is funny how people like you are the ones that have ill feelings and hateful discourse against the Mexican government and particularly towards the President. Prenteding to be above the rest, above the poor, above the law, and most likely benefited from the CORRUPTION created by the preivious regime (PRIAN) and foreign interets.

  58. Jose says:

    El orate debería tener puesto honorario perpetuo

  59. Jose l Sevilla says:

    I believe you hit the nail on the head,

  60. Juan says:

    Out of my country. Andrés Manuel Lóryrypez Obrador.

  61. Juan Carlos flores Ruíz says:

    Por favor ayuden a México a retomar el camino de la democracia capitalista con educación y cultura occidental. En este momento México tiene un gobierno y gobernante lleno de odio y adulador de dictadores y sistema neo comunista.
    México es fuerte y bello pero con mucha gente negativa y floja. Ayúdenos desde fuera los necesitamos.

    • Alfredo Ruiz says:

      ja ja ja, porque no dices mejor que ayuden a retomar el camino de la CORRUPCION del PRIAN para que todo este como antes, privatizacion de empresas del estado, pobreza, devaluacion del peso, gasolinazos, etc etc etc… es triste que haya gente tan atolondrada.

  62. Iloana says:

    Evidentemente no es una tirano… aún, porque pudimos votar, pero es divertido porque sus “amlovers” dicen que es una hombre muy bueno 🤬

  63. José Sánchez says:

    It’s out of context this opinión this country satanize Putin but your choice was López Obrador something is wrong or here be a double speech about what tirane means for you

  64. Francisco Maciel says:



  65. Jorge says:

    Stop people in power and populism

    We need equity not authoritarian disguised as Libertians

  66. Rosa Maria de la Peña says:

    Lopez Obrador lies on his daily propaganda morning show. He has a black list of journalists named as his enemies, so his followers know who to blame. One of these journalists Ciro Gomez Leiva was shot but survived. Now Lopez ordered an investigation to find out if this journalist simulated his own attempt of murder in order to attach his government. Lopez always plays the victim.

  67. Rodavlas Anilom says:

    I think you must do more research about México degradation, what you wrote in this article is just the tip of the mountain., the base is wide.

  68. Fulano Letal says:

    No hay nada peor que ser tendenciosos y creerse informadores, quien edite este ‘medio de comunicación” debería investigar y analizar las situaciones y realidades de cada país, antes de salir a buscar visitantes y reacciones, resulta evidente que ignoran demasiado, que tienen hambre de atención y que distan años luz de ser tendencia.

    Básicamente, estos resultados y las propias votaciones, carecen de inteligencia.

  69. Carlos Hernandez says:

    Stupid !!! He is the best presidente ever !!!rhe iiloong of jornalist in México is not like before with the previous presidents!!! he’s done a lot for his people !!! For the country !! its really really wrong this !!

  70. Nahuel says:

    As historia of latín americana history I regret, that you are letting your organization be a Part of a dirty campaign of the Opposition and right wing neoliberale forces in México. México had a 50 Year lasting dirty war against all opposition, poor and indigenous populations. Enforced by PRI. López Obrador is the democrátic elected presidente of México and was not the president declaring military war on drugs (that was Calderón in 2006), nor installed a Regime of silencing Journalist. Such a sistem exists since many decades. Organizations as educa and many others can tell you, how 2006, there was a military propagated fight against the people. Your “votatión” is just enforcing division in México and not apporting anything real. The voters of this are Part of a minority, the mayority of mexican voters do not participate in such stupid votations. You even did not mention with one Word, the reformas and reformas AMLO is putting in place…

  71. Ramón Rodríguez says:

    Es el peor presidente de la historia de México.
    Corrupto, mentiroso y cínico.
    Espero que sea juzgado y encarcelado al terminar su mandato.

  72. Juan de Dios Villarreal says:

    Todos los días provoca odio y división entre los mexicanos
    Está decidido a terminar con la democracia en Mexico

  73. Juan says:

    LMFAO! Index of censorship is officially a bunch of sell outs! This is supposed to be for the people. The common folk. Yet you write these lies that fall into the elite agenda. Your lies will not stop or slow down México and our president. Of course that is what you want. This is journalism still in the mockingbird program set up by the C.I.A. What you are saying is that all journalists are honest and loyal and can not be corrupted. And that our president is not doing his job. Saying that our president is a tyrant is like saying Trump is Chinese!!! Exactly F%#^ing Retarded!!! This is FAKE INFORMATION!!! FAKE!!! FAKE!!! This article should be why the mexican president AMLO is ranked one of the best in the world! And how he is changing our economy for the best. And how the majority of all mexico stands with our president and is willing to defend our change. Stop sending FALSE INFORMATION .

  74. Consuelo Gonz says:

    Lopez Obrador. The worst.

  75. Juan Antonio Samano says:


  76. BS says:

    Who’s paying to publish such BS!!! He’s number one in Latinamerica!!!

  77. Ricardo M Flores R says:

    I feel a deep shame, not of my country but of this inept, incongruous government, the international perception is correct, there is a lot of impunity for crimes, there is an undeniable lack of knowledge to govern, he has been the worst president in the history of Mexico.

  78. Rose says:

    We Mexicans, hope lopez goes to trial, for he has ruined Mexico, he is a liar, and has been a terrible disaster for Mexico !
    We don’t agree with all his stupid policies, and lies, we want him in jail , this is where he belongs !!

  79. Susana Laclette says:

    Tienen mucha razón en dar esta “nominación” a un ser ambicioso, que desprecia a los que no están a favor de él y su sistema de gobierno. Soy mexicana, tengo 78 años y nunca había visto a otro presidente tan cínico y mentiroso.

  80. Juan Eduardo López Romero says:

    Exactly …Most of the Mexican people think that He is a real Tyrant of the last 4 Years in Mexico.


    Es el mejor presidente en la historia de México…aumento el salario mínimo, le cobra impuestos a los que no pegaban, tren Maya, Refinerías, Itsmo, construcción de Aeropuertos, etc . Y sin endeudar al país con créditos…por ello lo llaman a los que le quitaron sus privilegios, claro es el “Tirano” que elimino a lis privilegiados.

  82. Maria Saira Gonzalez says:

    Es toda una estupidez lo que escriben ,tu publicación es basura.

  83. Dra Marcela Thierry Patiño says:

    A. M. López-Obrador is the worst president of Mexico, he is a communist dictator, with his narco-government,
    he destroys: our economy, the family, our Land.

  84. Caruca Lara Herrera says:

    I think so. He is the Number no.

  85. Raul Cruz says:

    This is a ridiculous game.
    I don’t think someone that is serious about freedom and democracy believes this shit.

    Crime and neoliberal politics created and environment of impunity and corruption that made of Mexico a nest of violence.
    Lopez Obrador its the most honored man that Mexico has had as president since Lázaro Cardenas.
    The politic opposition ,probably the one that proposed AMLO,had a strong connection with cartels.
    Proved of that in this days a ex secretary of security its in a law trail at NY city facing charges or smuggling drugs.
    On AMLO period no bullet from federal government has had been shout against citizens as was tradition in past periods where crime against people were committed sin Diaz Ordaz till EPN
    If journalists have had been kill,they have been victims of orginized crime.
    For sure opposition never mention that in Felipe Calderón’s therm his sister had a strong relation with “La tuta” a cartel’s leader of los caballeros templearios.
    For that and thousands of reasons I thing that opposition just been mucking of you.

  86. Óscar L Bernal says:

    Well, thank you for this article because now I know you organization and publications have zero credibility and I never have to waste time reading through your propaganda. Interesting way to be a censoring tyrant, allowing pretty much all corporate media outlets in Mexico to constantly criticize anything and everything Andres Manuel might do, or not do..

  87. Pepe Velázquez says:


  88. Jose Carlos Ortiz says:

    Please do a better research you only are replying the same fake information that the mercenary press against the president, press that no longer enjoys the benefits of public funds

  89. Apolonio García del Campo says:

    A caray, lo veía venir. .

  90. Claudia Gabriela says:


  91. Miguel Cervantes says:

    While, I read with interest your column of Tyrant of the year, nomination which I fully support.
    I do have an observation. You incorrectly refer to him as “Obrador”. His second name is: “López”. It’s an important distinction.

  92. Alfredo Chávez says:

    se me hace que se quedan cortos, la cosa está peor de lo que narran

  93. Lucila Rodríguez Muñoz says:

    Claro que si y bien ganado tiene ese titulo, ha tiranizado desde que tomó el poder. Siempre dijo primero los pobres y si ya acabo con ellos, que será que ahora seguiremos los de clase media?

  94. Alberto Hernández says:

    The Worst President we ever had, he’s against everyone who disagree his opinion, he’s against clean energy, his Mayan train proyect is destroying our jungle in Q. Roo, he turns his head about violence and crime of cartels, gives juice government contracts to his family and friends without public tender… He is a real disaster for Mx…
    Congrats for the choice

  95. Esmeralda Avila-Claeys says:

    Felicidades a nosotros los Mexicanos!, tenemos un ganador en esta encuesta!

  96. Raymundo Moreno says:

    Es un desastre para la democracia mexicana

  97. German Castellanos says:

    So embarrassing placing the best president that Mexico has had for the last century as a Tyrant… i am wondering what.

  98. Javier says:

    It is my perception that governments around the world are becoming more and more tyrannical as time goes by. The influence of social media has on the average person with absolutely no filters, in my opinion, has enabled this tyranny and destroyed objectivity and freedom of speech in the process. I’m not sure what is the reach of your award and publications, but I hope is huge. I’m a Mexican citizen, living in Mexico. On one side, it is shameful to see the headlights pointing to our country. On the other side, it is very positive to see there is still some checks and balances in the world, so thank you for that.

  99. Olga Ibarra says:

    Ya lo sabíamos.

  100. ERNESTO RUIZ says:


  101. Ignacio Estrada says:

    Están mal informados , como tal descarte de un artículo mal infundado , con Fox murieron 73 periodistas , Calderón 136 periodistas, Peña Nieto 92periodistas , Lopes Obrador hasta hoy son 42 periodistas , no escriban a lo pendejo ,

  102. Martin says:

    The title “es un peligro para México”
    languish before the reality.
    The most corrupt, incompetent, negligent and intolerant ‘president’ in the History of México…

  103. If there is something that can make me happy about this award, is that it will help to reduce the misconceptions that international press has had about the real nature of Lopez Obrador over the years, and that it will boost the naked true of his authoritarian and populist government.

  104. Micaela Torres Romero says:

    Es lo que merece amlo por la destrucción que está haciendo con hechos y palabras