Madagascar: Radio station suspended

The government has decided to suspend the broadcasts of radio station, Radio Mahafaly. The staff at the station, based in the central city of Antsirabé, were not given a reason for its suspension. The order came at the same time as the release of ten Radio Fahazavana employees who have been in pre-trial detention since 27 May on charges for inciting a revolt and rebellion.

Madagascar: Station employees attacked by soldiers

Staff at radio station Fréquence Plus were been attacked by police during  live interview with opposition politician Ambroise Ravinson. Three employees were assaulted by members of the special intervention force, with one knocked unconscious and another hospitalised with a broken shoulder after being hit with a rifle butt. The soldiers went on to destroy studio equipment, before taking custody of Ravinson, forcibly removing him from the studio, and placing him under house arrest. The damage to its studio has left Fréquence Plus unable to broadcast for the foreseeable future.

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