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Kuwait: Twitter user imprisoned for five years for ‘insulting’ Muhammad

Musab Shamsah was sentenced for mocking religion and publishing content that could be deemed offensive to religious groups. Alice Kirkland reports

Gaza: Hamas reopens Palestinian news agency

Palestinian news agency Ma'an to reopen in the Gaza Strip four months after Hamas closed down the organisation

1643: The last time the press was state regulated

The press was last state licensed in 1643. But what others laws affected British citizens at the time?

Sarah Brown meets Index on Censorship competition winner

alt informationSarah Brown met the winner of the Index on Censorship blogging competition, Charley-Kai John, when she spoke at the launch of the autumn issue of the magazine.

Reaction: Children Need Social Media Training

alt informationPanellists and audience at “Speak now: Regret Later?” discussed the benefits and pitfalls of social media for young people and their future careers