Belarus must immediately reform its approach to media

alt informationAnalysis shows there have been no visible improvements of Belrusian media freedom during in recent years. The authorities must now act.

Belarus: Violence and intimidation of journalists unchecked

alt informationOne of the greatest chills on the freedom of expression in Belarus is the disappearance, murder, suspicious suicide and impunity against media workers that has demonstrated the very real physical risks that those who practice independent journalism in Belarus face.

Belarus: Laws and regulations stifle independent media

alt informationDespite the constitutional guarantees and international obligations, Belarusian laws, by-laws and practices of their implementation seriously restrict the media freedom.

Belarus: A distorted media market strangles independent voices

alt informationThe authorities in Belarus tilt the media market toward state-owned players to help cement the government's hold on power and deny the rise of a truly independent press.

Belarus: Europe’s most hostile media environment

alt informationBelarus continues to have one of the most restrictive and hostile media environments in Europe.