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Russia: Journalists swept up in crackdown on anti-corruption protesters

alt informationAs thousands of people took to the streets across Russia on 12 June 2017 to protest corruption, journalists were among those detained by police, according to verified incidents reported to Mapping Media Freedom.

Russia: Death threats force comedian into exile

alt informationA popular Russia vlogger and comedian is facing condemnation and possible charges for a satirical video.

Russia’s media environment difficult for journalists

alt informationThe conflict over Crimea and the fighting in eastern Ukraine has resulted in a media war, which has left both Russian and Ukrainian journalists struggling to report accurately on the situation.

Russia: Journalists and activists end up targeted for revealing business corruption

alt informationMapping Media Freedom correspondent Andrey Kalikh explores what happens when journalists or activists reveal close relationships between Russia's businesses and government

Russia’s regional media: Cowed, controlled and silenced

alt informationWhen the Tomsk-based station TV-2 ceased broadcasting earlier this year, Siberia lost one of its few independent stations

Russia’s targeting of NGOs ensnares journalist associations

alt informationMost of the Russian NGOs defending freedom of the press are blacklisted as “foreign agents”, while facing excessive pressure for non-compliance, writes Mapping Media Freedom correspondent Andrey Kalikh