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Russia: Index expresses concern over the arrest of Doxa journalists

alt informationStudent journalism is a building block of media freedom, says Index CEO

Myanmar: Poets, celebrities and journalists detained by military

alt informationThe popular poet and comedian Zarganar, and the co-founder of news channel Mizzima have been detained as junta continues crackdown

Stuart Hampshire

The philosopher was one of the four original trustees of the charity behind Index on Censorship

Film awards season: Journalism and activism in the spotlight

alt informationMovies on social justice and investigative journalism dominate the nominations for major awards at the Oscars, the Golden Globes and the Baftas this year

Journalists held in Insein prison, Myanmar’s “darkest hell-hole”

alt informationReporters covering the pro-demcracy protests are being held in a notorious military-run prison in Yangon

Student Press Freedom Day: The challenges of Covid and censorship

alt informationA combination of the pandemic and restrictions already in place has made reporting for students more difficult

Lebanon’s journalists face Hezbollah threat

alt informationThe murder of publisher and activist Lokman Slim is a stark warning to media in the country

The military coup in Myanmar: the media under attack

alt informationJournalists are being attacked and pursued for their coverage of the protests

Biden’s first week in office and what it means for free speech

alt informationA flurry of executive orders reverses many Trump-era policies

The desperate situation for six people who are #JailedNotForgotten

alt informationWe revisit the six activists and journalists currently in jail and call for your messages of support

The Biden presidency: what can we expect for free speech?

alt informationWe look at Joe Biden's record sheet on free speech to see if we can find clues about his future presidency

Assange hearing outcome could set an “alarming precedent” for free speech

alt informationThe UK Assange hearing – which will decide whether there are grounds for Assange to stand trial in the USA – should reach a conclusion on 4 January. The verdict will have major ramifications for free speech and media freedom. We speak to Assange's partner about it