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#IndexDrawtheLine: Does extremism have a place on campus?

alt informationAfter strong lobbying from senior Tory peers, two private members’ debating student societies from Oxford and Cambridge universities were exempted from the controversial counter-terror ban on extremist speakers. Even though the two societies are not students’ union bodies and are independent from their universities, the exemption is still problematic. Educational institutions should be platforms where […]

#IndexDrawtheLine: Religious extremism is one of the greatest challenges facing society

alt information“We want to laugh at the extremists – every extremist. They can be Muslim, Jewish, Catholic. Everyone can be religious but extremist thoughts and acts we cannot accept,” Laurent Léger, a journalist at Charlie Hebdo–a satirical magazine where an extremist attack killed 12 people on Wednesday—told BFM-TV in 2012.  Some weeks ago, a violent extremist […]