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Sudanese civil society calls for change to US digital technology sanctions

alt informationCampaign argues that current policy hinders Sudanese citizens' free access to knowledge and information online, as well as tools like crowdsourcing and crisis mapping, writes Dalia Haj-Omar

Regime repression stifles Sudan’s net freedom

alt informationSudan has widespread and affordable internet access - the problem is the oppressive regime, writes Dalia Haj-Omar

Sudan blacks out internet to hide brutal suppression of protests

alt informationPeaceful protests in Sudan have led to an ongoing violent government crackdowns and internet blackout - Dalia Haj-Omar reports

Sudanese woman risks flogging for refusing to pull up headscarf

alt informationAs activist and engineer Amira Osman prepares to go on trial on Thursday, Dalia Haj-Omar looks at the Public Order laws punishing Sudanese women for 'indecent' clothing and behaviour