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Bunker Cabaret: From the bomb shelters of Kyiv to Somerset House

alt informationUkranian collective explores the making of art in time of war

Held over the holidays: Remember those in prison for the New Year

alt informationA round-up of some of those denied freedom of expression, and movement, during the festive period and into 2023

Seeing Auschwitz is a timely reminder of the importance of documenting atrocities

alt informationA new exhibition in London takes a different viewpoint on the horrors of the Holocaust

Failed empty gesture 0 – 1 Strong silent stand

alt informationThe Iranian team's defiant stand against oppression at the World Cup in Qatar puts everyone else to shame

Britain needs to do more to help Jimmy Lai

alt informationA panel convened in the House of Lords on Monday to highlight the plight of Hong Kong activist and media mogul Jimmy Lai

Postcard campaign provides comfort to Jimmy Lai in prison

alt informationUS students are sending the imprisoned activist postcards in act of solidarity